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one hour and twenty-four minutes

I still have no resolutions.

I have one (1) champagne, one (1) sangria, one (1) wine (type: unknown), fries in the oven, hamburgers ready for the pan, whole wheat buns because yeah, that makes up for the salt, grease, mayo, and lack of vegetables, pepsi (no matter how much I try to develop a taste for alcohol, it's literally only attractive socially and special occasions, fuck my life), vape, six (6) rabbits, one (1) Child and no (0) resolutions.

Okay, one: I am going to finally make that complicated pork pie with the name I can't pronounce or spell because French, because ever since reading Great Expectations, I really need to know what the fuss is about pork pie.

Might add more as fries develop.

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