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children of dune - leto 1
misskatherine had no idea how bad the last two days have been, but she still surprised me with this.

Thank you *so* much, chica. *hugs hard*

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Awwww! *hugs back*

No, I didn't know, but reading your "Balkanize" post made me think of Norma Rae standing up on her sewing table with her UNION! sigh. :P

So glad you liked it, lol. (:

I'm sorry you've been having a rough time of it, Jenn.

If it makes you feel any better though, you and Devin helped turn a rather crappy day for me into something much nicer:

Arkham, Redux.

*bounces* I lovelovelove this story! And I'd very much like to see it continued. *g*


They like us. They really like us.


I asked them to comment to your LJ, but so far I think only one has done so. Come to mine to read more. We're a hit!

*sloppy hug*

We haven't been commenting because Jenn hasn't mentioned the story here, yet, and we didn't know where to put our praise, pimping, and offers of sexual services.

You're offering Jenn sexual services? Wow.

Looks like you might be getting a new pet or two. There are lengths to which even I won't go to in order to maintain pet status. ;p

Mmmmm. Pets.

Hey Jenn - there's petting in your LJ. Where are you?

The cackle comes hissing through the walls, brushing up Lex's skin and making him twitch.

"Word is, Jenn is writing Arkham fic." The Joker giggles, high and long.

"Word is she's writing the Clark sections." Lex reminds him, and that's fine, because Devin gets him. Gets them all. Gets them to burn.

"But Jenn won't forget us!" Joker's voice is petulant child's, then rises and quakes with laughter. "We're unforgettable! Devin's seen to that!"

Lex snorts but doesn't answer. He and Devin both know that no matter how grotesquely fascinating the mad clown prince is, he isn't Lex's other half.
Lex remembers
Wasteland and breathes deep. He licks his lips at the thought of A Handful of Dust, and Somewhere I Have Never Traveled brings tears to his eyes. Then he imagines the strength of arms not human around his shoulders, and because thought is as real as anything else in this place, he turns to Clark and licks a slow slide along the alien's jawline.

"So how will you love me this time?"

Clark looks at him through lowered lashes, then leans in so close Lex can feel clark's breath on his cheek.

"Ask Jenn."

edited to fix italics and to place in Devin's thread.

Re: Creative Poking...

OMFG. Jeeeeeeeeeenn! Are you seeing this?



Re: Creative Poking...

*Revives Devin, helps her over to the sofa and offers her a cup of water.*

So you like it?

Joker elbows CJ aside. "Of course she liked it! I was in it! and I laughed!" He turns to preen in a large mirror with baroque gold frame that has just appeared up Devin's sofa. "Women can't resist my laugh!"

"No one can resist your laugh." Lex says as he sunters up. His hands are shoved deep in his pockets and he watches Devin with half colsed eyes even as he continues to address the Joker. "It's something about the opiates in your laughing gas."

"Nonsense!" The clown prince hisses, whipping around to snarl at Lex. Then he seems to remember something and smoothes his expression into its normal rictus grin. "It's my porcelain complexion they love!"

Lex nods absently, still focused on Devin. He crouches down next to her head, pulling his hands from his pockets. He's fast, but she still sees the shake in his fingers before his knuckles whiten as he grips his knees.

"Tell me." He whispers, and his eyes are wide now, round with recent madness. "Tell me why Bruce hates me so much?"

The Joker laughs.

Re: Creative Poking...

*speechless before The Sexy*

Lex? Talking to me?


Re: Creative Poking...


I am going to stop with this creative poking if all it does is render you unable to type!

That is certainly not my intent! *chuckle*

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