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advice requested for adventure
children of dune - leto 1
So let's say you're thinking of planning a vacation, but like, a different one. One where you do more than walk around looking at things because frankly, sometimes that ends with me being lost, abruptly super hungry with no food in sight, and also need to pee.

('sometimes' = 'it's like my special gift')

So yes maybe walking and looking at things (supervised: I got lost in a park in San Antonio within sight of five hotels and a major road right beside me. A park. By a major street. I could see the goddamn Hilton but could not for the life of me find that road sixty feet away. That happened), but also--the kind where maybe you--spend six to eight hours a day devoted to improving yourself.

(No, not misquoting Buddha because I found enlightenment breathing on a mountain and spiritual refreshment by looking at trees then write a book about it improving, though me being American, I understand why that would be of concern. No worries, though; I'm scared of heights and I'm not very good at the 'silently contemplating [anything]' thing. Or loudly contemplating, come to think)

Fine, I am pondering going on a learning vacation to India. Ideally, I'd like to spend two to three (four?) weeks learning Hindi, looking at things (of course), and eating because when your workplace is two-thirds Indian nationals/expatriates/-Americans and there are parties--well, you don't come back from that. It's paneer tikka, chicken masala, all the rices ever, and so very much naan.

(Then it's midnight, you finished making the filling for the samosas from the recipe your coworker gave you but couldn't be fucked to finish the pastry and ate it all sitting on the kitchen floor. It happens.)

I went looking and found a couple of programs in New Delhi and Jaipur and a few other places--both within the budget of a public servant if she's prudent with her money for a couple of years (because this is going to be a Multi-Year Project)--but I just don't know enough to evaluate them. I'd prefer one that's administered by the people whose country I want to visit if possible, but again, I'm not sure what I should be looking for or ask and reviews aren't easy to find.

So anyone have experience, advice, thoughts?

(So far, I have a multi-page list of every place in India I absolutely must see, according to my co-workers. New Delhi and Jaipur were on there, so excellent.)

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