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I'm amusing myself in possibly non-fannishly ethical ways. Mocking and laughing in your head doesn't count as being mean, right?

And maybe a teensie post here and there. Maybe. Apparently, I should be on the boards, because hmm. Missing a lot of context in recent discussions, I think.


Opened Eyes by mlheathen. *pokes* A little odd on the formatting, but *interesting* as hell. Season four speculative spoilers, so if that terrifies you (it does me, but I figured I could trust here), don't go. Otherwise, you *should* be here. Really.

Day Off!

What *shall* I do with my time? I like the loafing thing. It works for me. I *want* to be asleep, but Child had to get to school. Stupid wakie-ness.

For those I've seen lurking around LJ--if you need a code, feel free to ask. I think I have some left, so drop a note and I'll hand over. They just sit there, acquiring dust bunnies and looking depressed. Not good.
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