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tumblr users - backing up your tumblr

Okay, I used this one and these are possibly the best and clearest instructions I've seen for using pretty much anything. Like, I cannot possibly think of a way to improve on these instructions, it's that well-written.

Backing up your tumblr with Python

My notes:
- For Step 2, #4:


The number sequence at the end of the filename is going to be different; yesterday, for me, it was f234953 and today it's c63cdb8 when I downloaded. So make sure you check your file name or better, just go to it and copy the path from the folder path.

- For Step 2, #5-6 - Windows 10

You're going to go to Control Panel/System and Security/System and click on Advanced System Settings on the left. The Advanced Tab displays; click on Environmental Variables. You'll see two boxes--teh lower one, select Path and click Edit. Now you can see, line by beautiful separate line, everything that is using Path. Click New and paste in the url into where your cursor went and then OK. You won't need the semi-colon, or at least I didn't.

(I am genuinely shocked Windows improved something.)

This took me about ten-fifteen minutes and I have comparatively little content so yes, this may take a while.

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