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i almost forgot about the smoking thing!

Oh! So I stopped posting on DW a month before I quit smoking: October 2016. So that's two--TWO--years smoke-free!

...with vape*. Yeah. In fruity flavors, even. I literally did it over a weekend with half a pack of cigarettes left and never wanted to go near a cigarette again. Yeah, you could say it worked.

And because I am a vapevangelist: I literally buy vape pens for smokers among my friends and tell the good news that you can quit and vape will change your life and also you will smell like, amazingly good and people will ask you what bodywash you use. I am like a street corner and small box away from starting some kind of fruity-vape religion, no lie.

Okay, done.

So its possible I may review my latest vape acquisitions. I went the hipster route by accident and ended up with Smok, not Juul, and so buy my vape locally. But if you vape and like to hear about that kind of thing, I am that person who talks about it. And my primary shop also ships over the greater US, so I can also link directly when I find something I like. They're also the shop where no one is visibly stoned while mixing my vape, which is a plus.

So, context: I get my vape from The Vapor Studio and tend toward the house blends, not necessarily because I want to be this goddamn hipster but because my nic is 18 MG (I just stepped down from 24) and premium blends don't go that high.

...yes, my vape is handmixed in shop and it's like I don't even know myself.

* yes, I am aware of the research, the lack of research, the various problems that have been found in specific brands of vape as well as the potential dangers and risks; I discussed it with my doctor. Having pneumonia twice, bronchitis yearly, and my father diagnosed with COPD did not help me quit. Vape did it in three days; it tastes good, it smells good, and after less than a month, I couldn't even stand the smell of cigarettes. At minimum, this is a reducing harm while I step down to a nicotine free life and my apartment constantly smells of fruit and candy.

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