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twenty years of pride and prejudice in a lake
children of dune - leto 1
Pride and Prejudice at 20: The Scene That Changed Everything

It's been twenty years since BBC tossed Colin Firth into a lake and had him walk about in clinging white shirts (for plot!).

Twenty years. I was dropped out of college stealing cable and ran across costume drama and stopped immediately, because when one is both an Austen and Regency fan, one can identify adaptations of classic works on a glance.

(Forbidding, brooding sexy (yet subtly awkward) male in pantaloons, woman with ironically raised raised eyebrow looking at him archly, silly older woman in background, wait...and way too bouncy girl runs by showing too much bosoms chased by red coated officers....

I said, "Hey, that's Lydia." And sat down.)

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Still my favorite of all the adaptions of P&P.

Rewatched it not too long ago, and it's still a joy.

Golly, time flies!
That adaptation still looks fresh and new, too

I just watched it again last month, sewing costumes for Dragon*Con! somewhere in my house I still have the original VHS tapes I made, taping off the TV. Of course I have the full DVD set.

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