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books: n.k. jemisin the works of
children of dune - leto 1
It's that time again--that would be time for more books. And I found my author to hit their works like the fist of a very literature-deprived god.

...but she has like a lot of books (two delicious series, even), so okay.

N.K. Jemisin - is The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms author-entry level or should I start with the other one first to get a better feel for her? It got amazing reviews (and is a trilogy), but I'm worried about another Neil Gaiman American Gods where I only found out after reading it that I should have started with Anansi Boys first to get a better feel of his style (as I loved Anansi Boys like beyond words).

So yes, no, maybe, do it alphabetically?

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i love hundred thousand kingdoms way way way more than the dreamblood series. it's a wonderful book thati got into immediately. :)

Entry level, definitely. And it's so fucking good. I knew nothing about her, and I went in hating first-person narratives, and good God, I was just blown away.

Loved 100.000 kingdoms. Definitely start with that.

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