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art rec - scenes from down to agincourt by TKodami, Chapter 4: A Very Hippo Chapter
children of dune - leto 1
Scenes from Down to Agincourt, Chapter 4: A Very Hippo Chapter, Part Three by tkodami - In which the Victorian era discovered "Journey to the--" and hippos started at you with come-hither eyes.

...seriously. That last hippo is just, IDEK. Because TKodami is the most awesome ever.

Also, read her Author Notes on the art, which just makes it all that much more amazing.
Rather than be relegated to the dust-bins of history, as many older pieces of unpopular literature are (there are scads (scads!) of Arthuriana that we do our best to forget exist), Journey experienced a brief--though disastrous--heyday in Victorian London during the height of Egyptian Revival. [...]

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