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children of dune - leto 1
We're being *observed* in work a lot. There is *nothing* like two women staring over your shoulder while you try to help clients and get in your way frequently.

On the other hand, tomorrow we're being appreciated. I hvae no idea what that means, but we're going to go to another building adn be given cookies and punch.

Mmm. Cookies.

If appreciation was always expressed in cookies, I'd be a truly amazing human being. *grins*

Gakked from--God, everyone, but most recently harriet_spy.

"What kind of work is my name -- jenn -- associated with? What kind of assumptions do you make about a piece of writing, fiction or non, if you see my name on it?

Nota bene: This is emphatically NOT an attempt to fish for compliments. I'm not trying to get judgements on the quality of my work, but rather about its other characteristics.

For example, if you were given the name of an actor, that might make you think of a certain genre of film he or she is often in or a type of character.

What is jenn-brand writing?"

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Epic. Present-tense, limited POV. Works that explore unusual POVs (Outside In) or tangents (A Handful of Dust, Somewhere I Have Never Travelled). And hot -- like a hot, hot thing.

Let's see. Brand-name jenn? Hmmm...

I'd assume that it's quality work. That's a given. It's been edited, checked for spelling, typos addressed etc. That the subject, the idea, is original. That the story is intelligently thought out. That the plot is point driven, unless of course it's not. That attention is paid to the details of description, location, and character. That characters are very much In Character. (and stay that way, even if she takes them to the outer limits of possibility).

What *kind* of work? Dreamy, moody, surprising, harsh, porny goodness, quiet, funny, sweet, angsty even when not, pulls the heartstrings and the mind at the same time kind of work.

One word to describe it? Outre'

Long. Epic. Highly involving.

Hmmm... close third person, present tense. Stories with good physical descriptions, that can just make you *feel* *with* the characters. Hot smut (kinda goes without saying, really *g*).

Stories that can both entertain me and make me think.

They're not the cookies of fandom (not a light, sweet snack) but they make for a great meal. Always meaty, something you can really get your teeth into.

It's hurt-me-good-and-make-me-think fic. It's emotionally engaging and lickable.

And long.


Really really long.

ETA: A big grin and hugs and kisses.

When I read a jennfic I go into it with a few assumptions:
--I'm already assuming it's going to be good.
--I'm assuming it's going to be tightly written and very, very deeply inside one character's head.
--It may have parts that I need to read over again in order to understand them.
--It's going to get to me. Whether it leaves me going "aaaack!" (see A Handful of Dust) or whatever, it's going to make me *feel*.

Long. present tense. sentence fragments. Hallucinatory prose. hot smut. Characters always at least one shade of gray darker than canon.

Long, thoughtful, sexy and interior. Of the soul not the house.

Long, plot-driven stories with quite a bit of dialogue and introspection. Present tense. Very descriptive, with wonderful sensory detail. You also have a particular pace set (can't remember the English word for it, but those little "--" thingies that make the sentences a bit fragmented). Emotionally engaging storylines.

I confess I literally fell in love with your Lex centered fanfics, I did read a lot of those fics from a lot of people and still, though I know your priority is not Smallville anymore (and that hurts!) you are the best Smalville writer ever, trust me. Well, so to me Jenn is VERY good writing, and i don't mean just fanfic writing. Jenn is deep turmoiled emotions and amazing description of moods and thoughts, Jenn is being inside the characters in the most painful and exciting way possible, Jenn is unpredictable interesting unusual stories, where you feel so much that sometimes it aches and where you keep thinking or dreaming long after the story is over. Jenn is hot in a way that no fanfic writer can compete, because Jenn is love and sex scenes that are so real, so before your eyes and inside your heart and into your bones that really I can't find adjectives to describe...I'm not english and it's a bit hard to explain correctly everything i feel! but I feel SO much! Jenn yours are the best written dreams that I had the luck to come across, and I think you are so talented you should write books and sell them and let everybody know how good you are. Whehw! I can't seem to be brief when it comes to talking about your writing :) - Martina

self-contained, eerily calm, stealthy quality and emotional impact, teh.

Can write anything, for example: made sound her private live like a big adventure. Everything is sounding interesting. Didn´t write enough SV long story´s anymore.

Fluid style, very easy to read. I only know your Smallville fic, but it just is so easy to get into, and I really like the vivid sensuality. Touch, smell, color, sound, you bring characters to life with every twitch and blush and flick of eye.

Can Jus Bellum be read without the epilogue? I've had it downloaded forever, but was waiting for the epilogue.

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