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the dancing plague was a thing

I finally figured out how to make Amazon stop reccing me music I don't like--buy it.

Wait, let me finish: once you do, you listen to that shit until you love it or your ears bleed and you dark master asks for your attendance at the throne of Hell. It works. He lets you use DW!

Not that it went that far: I listened to it straight through and either I was wrong or I am a master-class self-Stockholmer and I should be paid to teach other people how to do it.

Anyway, music for the week: it's all Stockholm, all the time here.

Pompeii by Bastille. I get the framing device isn't actually the destruction of Pompeii via volcano, but if you imagine a whole bunch of toga'ed Romans line dancing to this while ash rains down from above--and talking about being an optimist about the volcano about to bury them--close your eyes!--it's kind of amazing.

This is part of my Bounce playlist, which includes Katy Perry's Roar, Fun's We Are Young, Fefe Dobson's Don't Let It Go to Your Head, and Good Time by Owl City. I don't ask why anymore. I put this on repeat, I start feeling the vague desire to dance in the parking lot at work. And by vague, I mean the east parking lot out of sight of the windows, like a one-woman Dancing Plague, which as well all know ended really well for Strasbourg.

Today all the SSNs in our testing database vanished; right this moment, a Dancing Plague would be doing me a favor.

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