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AO3 - related works thing
children of dune - leto 1
A general apology--I was answering a comment in AO3 and checked my related works link because it's there and awesome, and there were several items that weren't approved. I approved them all and I apologize for the weirdness to those who were wondering what the hell.

Also! Because this is so cool I share these things:

Adjustment, War Games, and Domestically Inclined, translated by Loquor into Chinese. My Star Trek reboot series in Chinese; it's amazing.

Being monolingual--my Spanish isn't nearly good enough to even qualify for half a point there--translation is miraculous to me in general.

While working in Duolingo on my Spanish, I translated part of the Minecraft player's guide into English, which now qualifies me to upgrade the art of translation to magic. It has to be; there's no other explanation, and boy, I feel like a loser feeling all exhausted after translating some really simple paragraphs of a Spanish article on hockey. God I hope it was hockey, now that I'm thinking about it.

...I'm going to go check now. Just in case.

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Your comment make me relieved, though I spent too much time(a whole year) to finish the translation.

About the related works thing--I'm not sure which way(with or without your name as co-writer) is the correct method. Someday I read other translation works and found out someone actually doing that, so I thought maybe that will be better. After all, your works are the origin of them. I'm sorry if that brought you any inconvenience.

I'm really moved by your work and look forward one day you'll be back to write Trek stories.

It's amazing, and thank you. I honestly can't even figure out how you thank someone for doing something this incredible.

Translations - you can take me off as cowriter on the translation. The linkback is all that's needed, and honestly, it's your work and you should get full credit for doing it all. It's utterly breathtaking, and I hope I'm getting across how much I appreciate and admire you for doing it.

Point Noted. I deeply regret my lack of vocabulary that I can't express my adoration and affection for this series. Especially some exciting or funny episodes are just like living images of scenes of the movie(STID included). Just let the translations be the gift I return to you. LLAP.

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