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because it's hot outside, okay
children of dune - leto 1
Watching the dashcon tag on tumblr and the FFA threads is now a lifestyle choice. And now ONTD has picked it up.

In case anyone wants to catch up (vaguely in chronological order of posting):
First FFA Thread on Dashcon
Second FFA Thread on Dashcon
ONTD on Dashcon
Dashcon Tag on Tumblr

Personal favorite quote from FFA:
From browsing the tag, the people at Dashcon have entered into this peculiar headspace wherein one more normally finds hostages and cult victims: the backlash has been so severe that anyone who even had a good moment and lacks certain critical self-check features is now in "extreme Con defense mode."

Starts with $17,000 and goes down from there. Also, a ball wading pool and bouncy castle.

ETA: From anonymous commenter: Dashcon owner about Dashcon, posted in January - I can't tell if anonymous is defense or prosecution here, but it's an interesting link.

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why aren't we at this connnnnnnn

Oh! Oh, someone with links.


As a very-soon-to-be auditor, these sorts of things always make me cringe.

Also, anyone who's posting worst con ever hasn't been in fandom very long (or read When a Fan Hits the Shit).

I am studying for a contracts exam in business law right now (or procrastinating, really). So if we take the con runners at their word that they had a written contract that was then verbally amended to extend payment (which seems to be the implication of what they're saying went on), I now know that that verbal modification is not enforceable. Not because it was verbal, but because they already had a preexisting duty to pay by the date in the written contract. A contract has to have something given up on both sides. The hotel saying okay, you can pay by a later date, does NOT actually modify the original contract. If they had paid an extra fee to change the date, it likely would be enforceable, but if not, the hotel has every right to ask for the money on the date in the contract because the later modification is not, actually, a valid contract.

Note: not a lawyer. So maybe I should see how I do in this class before trying to explain things...

Wow. I hadn't heard about this, and I feel sad that for some young people, this was their first experience volunteering for and attending a convention. I attended my first convention at age 12 as a volunteer, and it was a great experience that launched decades of con-going and friendships. How utterly heartbreaking to me that so many walked away from their Dashcon experience with bitterness and cynicism, when so much of fandom is about the ideals of being accepted for who you are (which presupposes being heard and acknowledged). I'm not going to spend a lot of time reading the wank, but thanks for pointing it out — it reminds me to be super extra welcoming to new fans and first-time con-goers I meet at cons. I'm glad that despite the horrible mistakes, there were those who had a good time at the con. I wonder how more experienced planners might mentor first-time planners to produce better communication and events?

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