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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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no, i haev no idea why i thought this was a good idea
children of dune - leto 1
Currently reading Top Ten Most Venomous Snakes, where in an unsurprising turn of events, Australia holds five slots including one and two. Because Australia.

(Africa wins as Most Terrifying Snake I Have Ever Obsessively Read About My God Twenty Minutes????? WTF Evolution WHY?)

My only real comfort here is that, should I be near one of these snakes at any time, I don't have to worry about dying within twenty minutes or less (thanks, Black Mamba!); I will have a heart attack right there and die. So you know, there's that.

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Black mamba is the daimon of my soul.

Dear lord. That's fascinating. And terrifying, yes. I'm just going to pull my feet up on the couch now, you know, in case there's something slithering behind it or something.

As an Australian, I have only really been camping in other countries as usually they have the complete opposite ratio of poisonous to non-poisonous animals that we have!

One of my favorite lines from Bill Bryson's book about his travels around Australia (In a Sunburned Country, highly recommend for many many laughs) was about snakes, remarking that there was one snake there that was so instantaneously deadly, there were a number of people whose last words were "oh, hey, is that a sn"....). :-)

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