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This is where I get a little sketchy, because the more I read about the legislation, the more I notice that the arguments are sexist/racist/whatever-ist, the practical aspects are intensely--very intensely--capitalist. I mean, a presidential candidate actually advocates removing child labor laws and that poor kids should get jobs cleaning up the schools they attend, because God knows kids need to learn early how to be good servants for the wealthy and more stigma helps everyone.

And it's sexist, definitely, beyond words, but the Republican leadership before anything believe in the privileges of wealth. There is a reason that prosperity doctrine is an actual, legit belief system that takes "God helps those who help themselves" and interprets that as "Your poverty is because God noticed you are lazy, so obviously God hates you."

It's not simplistic, but here's an example of what I mean: a few years ago, the HPV vaccine was introduced. This is a vaccine that is to prevent a dangerous STD for women. The governor of my state, Perry, is intensely, intensely conservative with the entire religious thing going on, and within the party itself, this drug was considered a slut-pass for women.

(Perry signed away funding for poor women to get birth control and reproductive rights and he slashed the budget this year, btw. To give his perspective on his current actions.)

However, when the HPV vaccine was released, Perry immediately tried to pass a law requiring it for Texas girls. This is one of the articles exploring that. This is a conservative Republican who belongs to teh religious right, but he mandated this for girls because, dum dum dum, former aid was affiliated with the private company supplying it.

This is not unique, btw. This is something that Republicans do.

Feh, everything comes down to 'cui bono?' eventually, doesn't it? Most politicos, if they truly worship any god outside their mirror, it's Mammon. I remember your post on the school cleaning, part of what made me think of the whole Metropolis/Brave New World underclass thing.

Fuck me, this makes me want to weep. In the UK, the HPV vaccine is given to all teenage girls through their school, for free.

I'm lucky enough to have a pretty generous health insurance, and to work at a medical center in the US. So for me, the HPV vaccine was long as I paid the $30 co-pay per visit. For three visits, it was $90.

The thought of getting that for free is mind-boggling. I had to ask my doctor at yearly check-up about it, how to go about getting it, etc.

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