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This whole thing in the US scares me very much, and I am so grateful to be in the UK, where, however clunky and unwieldy and horrendous our Health Service is, the Pill is free. Such a simple thing, and it is so utterly terrifying to have this utterly medieval misogynist fuckery going on.

It's that nasty mindset that comes with an utter fear of women, a loss of power, of some kind of control. Nobody has quite stepped up and slapped anyone in the face for being an uppity bitch who should be back in the kitchen, but it's there, behind all of this.

I don't know - is it economic? Raise a disposable workforce of the poor, uneducated and dispossessed? Keep women out of a shrinking job market and penned back in the home? Revert back to the days of dragging women off the streets to check for virginity/diseases? Heck, why not start up with state sanctioned lobotomies for those who aren't conforming? Happy mindless baby factories.

People are going to have sex. They should be educated about it, they should be given the tools to protect themselves, and if that means using a condom or chemical method, so be it. I personally loathe religion, and feel it should be separated from the state in all ways, be that education, legislation or medication. Every part of your body belongs to you, and nobody else.

This is where I get a little sketchy, because the more I read about the legislation, the more I notice that the arguments are sexist/racist/whatever-ist, the practical aspects are intensely--very intensely--capitalist. I mean, a presidential candidate actually advocates removing child labor laws and that poor kids should get jobs cleaning up the schools they attend, because God knows kids need to learn early how to be good servants for the wealthy and more stigma helps everyone.

And it's sexist, definitely, beyond words, but the Republican leadership before anything believe in the privileges of wealth. There is a reason that prosperity doctrine is an actual, legit belief system that takes "God helps those who help themselves" and interprets that as "Your poverty is because God noticed you are lazy, so obviously God hates you."

It's not simplistic, but here's an example of what I mean: a few years ago, the HPV vaccine was introduced. This is a vaccine that is to prevent a dangerous STD for women. The governor of my state, Perry, is intensely, intensely conservative with the entire religious thing going on, and within the party itself, this drug was considered a slut-pass for women.

(Perry signed away funding for poor women to get birth control and reproductive rights and he slashed the budget this year, btw. To give his perspective on his current actions.)

However, when the HPV vaccine was released, Perry immediately tried to pass a law requiring it for Texas girls. This is one of the articles exploring that. This is a conservative Republican who belongs to teh religious right, but he mandated this for girls because, dum dum dum, former aid was affiliated with the private company supplying it.

This is not unique, btw. This is something that Republicans do.

Feh, everything comes down to 'cui bono?' eventually, doesn't it? Most politicos, if they truly worship any god outside their mirror, it's Mammon. I remember your post on the school cleaning, part of what made me think of the whole Metropolis/Brave New World underclass thing.

Fuck me, this makes me want to weep. In the UK, the HPV vaccine is given to all teenage girls through their school, for free.

I'm lucky enough to have a pretty generous health insurance, and to work at a medical center in the US. So for me, the HPV vaccine was long as I paid the $30 co-pay per visit. For three visits, it was $90.

The thought of getting that for free is mind-boggling. I had to ask my doctor at yearly check-up about it, how to go about getting it, etc.

If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.

Early on I had PMS that bordered on hysterical pregnancy, then it mellowed out, then in my 20's my friend pointed out that I became engulfed in existential despair every month around the same time and she suggested perhaps it was my cycle.

I had no idea that it CHANGED! That my period would feel different in accordance with different stages of maturity! It blew my 23 year old mind. I was totally pissed that there could still be things about my vagina I knew nothing about.

Then again, when I was 18 one day I was convinced I had cancer in there and my boyfriend had to come over and tell me what I was feeling was just my cervix. Thank god he brought along his copy of Our Bodies, Ourselves and gave it to me as a gift.

If you have a smartphone, I recommend the app My Days. I always forget my period, but after tracking it for a couple months, this thing has me to within a day.

Oooh, thank you for that rec. When I got the original iphone, many of the cycle tracking apps I found were based on calendar rhythm instead of NFP/FAM so I wasn’t aware that there is now one based on FAM.

That said, if (general, plural) you know FAM—if you don’t, just get any book by Toni Weschler—women have been doing the same thing for decades with pen and paper before spreadsheets.

IDK exactly how it does it, but I just put in my period start & end each month, and after a few, its guesses are right (this month was the first it got it on the nose. It also does ovulation & you can put in notes. I have android but I'm sure something exists for iPhone. Happy bleeding!

I'm going to be at a reproductive justice conference all day tomorrow (specifically dealing with how it intersects with race in Louisiana) talking about a lot of these same things; we (my organization) is hosting it with a coalition of other orgs so that we can try to get ahead of this shit. some days it feels like standing in front of a freight train.

Yeah, my dad, born in 1926, voted for a Democrat the first and last time in his life after two years of Bush. I think four years of the Tea Party and attacks on women would have had him registering with the Democratic party.

The story about your mother actually made me cry. If any good can come out of the shit storm that has been the past few months, I hope that it's women (and men) like your mother who finally start to see what's going on and decide to vote Democratic.

I'm hoping that both of my parents, and my step-parents, will have the same change of heart. I'm more hopeful about my mother than any of the rest, but I'm still not sure.

PMS, or as I call it PBS "psycho bitch syndrome". I didn't get the bloating & cramps that a lot of women get but for about 3-4 days before my period would start everything, and I mean EVERY little thing, would piss me off.

It was like a switch got flipped. One day something would happen that I'd just ignore as no big deal & the next the same exact thing would have me have me snapping and snarling at everyone.

And the real kicker was a *knew* I was being irrational. There'd be a little 'me' standing in the back of my mind watching myself going completely mental but I couldn't do anything stop it. Hot flashes aside, thank god for menopause.

I'm not gonna get started the republicans though, I'll just give myself a heahache.

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