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All the reports about Dotcom's lifestyle are seriously pissing me off. I understand why they're doing it, and yeah, so not going to work.

Totally agree with you on the Wikipedia thing.

I definitely trust people to come up with morei inventive ways to share files. Of course we'll all miss MU terribly (I'd just bought a permanent account this year, too. Damn.), but maybe it's time to, I don't know, resort to Usenet? :D

Go Child! If the X-Box thing does happen, you should totally train him :p

if my brain wasn't currently dribbling out my ear, I'd take a runner at linking up this business with a fascinating article I read recently about how the black market is actually essential to the global economy and shutting down bootleggers and dealers of stolen/knockoff material goods would do far more damage than what their cut into corporate profit is. but. brain. liquified. so.

This reminds me of what we learned in microeconomics, which is that if there is demand, there will be supply, legitimate or not. It's very frustrating that no one seems to get this point and work with it. The media industry has a lot of talented business brains, after all.

Child sounds awesome. Mildly terrifying, but in a good way.

I've asked this elsewhere and have yet to get a reply, but if anyone here can give an insight: why hasn't the massive availability of pirated works had a market effect to drive down the price of movies, music, and books?

Is this just the industry being obstinate and resisting market pressure in the hopes that they can stem the flood of free media?

Because for reals, if I could dl the things I want to dl from a reliable source, quickly and completely, with the assurance that I'd end up with a high-quality, complete file, I'd pay a dollar for that. But not twelve dollars, which is what iTunes is charging for movies at the moment.

that is my question exactly. I'm particularly annoyed by the sale of eps. on iTunes (since I'd rather go to the cinema to watch a film, or I wait until it's on TV). An ep. costs £2.5, so for a series of 22 eps. one would have to pay £ 55. The dvd of the series is between £15-22 (on amazon). So, are we to wait until a series is completed in order to watch it? why the huge discrepancy between price per ep. and DVD sale?

If I could buy the eps. at a reasonable price, then I would (since 9 out of 10 series are not worth buying on DVD)....


As someone in a smaller, country where we wait months for music, tv shows etc- I buy them on dvd from overseas WHEN I CAN.

But what if they are not available at all? I want to pay for them - but there is NO OPTION! How is the company losing money, if there is no way for me to pay for it legally?

Sherlock S2 I wanted to read the fic without being spoiled, so yes I obtained it every week. I will buy the DVD from Amazon this week too- but why should I have to stay away from LJ, AO3, twitter for the 6 months it would take to show up here?

The entertainment industry needs to rethink their business model-badly. People are willing to pay for this stuff- but they won't sell it to us. Then they stamp their feet that we're 'stealing'. Well let me buy it you wankers!!!

Can you tell I have ~feelings~ about this?

I only found out two weeks ago that MU was where the Sherlock was, and I hadn't even had a chance to go watch them yet. The world is one big place now; if it's on TV over there why can't I watch it over here?

I miss newsgroups. I wallowed in them back in the day, when I had to get to them via the good graces of my sysop, and that love affair lasted until wayyyy in the 2000's. I remember going to the NG's to download Angel episodes, so that's only eight years ago.

Remember newsgroups? Let's do newsgroups again! Who's with me?!

The way the articles are focusing on his lavish lifestyle make it seem like they're trying to make it appeal to people who were really into the Social Network or something.

Wiki isn't just for fans, etc. either. I use it on my job because they have links back to source material! Damn it!

As for MU, I was surprised it wasn't taken down earlier. It's pretty easy to see that copyright material was being downloaded onto it and the feds have just caught up with the idea. I did consider paying for faster service but in the end, I just used youtube (and I'm wondering when that's going, too).

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