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you have got to be kidding me
children of dune - leto 1
Oh my holy God, what happened to delicious?

...okay, so, when they redesigned they were unable to color code and took away all the functionality?


Where are my tags?


Are they screening everything?

Delicious Blog which you will notice, the fuckers still have their own tags working fine.

Update 2

Okay, so pairing with / tags are broken, some kind of half-assed, half-erased line drawing is showing up in every note I have with a link to my account, as I might forget where it was if it wasn't there, were they alwasy randomly in italics, and important, now when I hit my Tag shortcut to tag something, it saves instantly instead of waiting for me to add my tag.

Okay, that part is okay. Except for the obnoxious text color, the terrible white space use, design elements courtesy of point and click, absolutely no sense of organization, the plethora of exclamation points (a thousand high school teenyboppers can only speak in monotone thanks to delicious), no workable public forum seems to be available and delicious, if you are afraid because you think it will be overrun with trolls, yes, it will.

And you deserve it.

Update 3 fandom:stargate:atlantis has, I believe, slightly more than five links attached. Where are the other ones?

Update 4 open this and login with your delicious account. It says it gets all posts, but mine cut off at September 2010. Also, apparently this is fairly intensive on the site.


Use the following string for a complete list of all your bookmarks and metadata

Where X equals your total number of bookmarks. Your login may not work at first; for people whose account was first yahoo, it's slightly more complicated but there's instructions at the API link below.

*stares at list* I feel better just being able to see they are all there.

Delicious API - still works, but yeah, bundles are gone, and search by tags will very likely not bring up your tags. Exactly two of mine show up. But I admit, it was comforting to see that nice long page o fall my links, even if that isn't all my links.

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Tell me about it. I'm completely confused and VERY anoyed.

(Deleted comment)
I know that fandom doesn't run the internet, but why does it feel like we always get screwed in things like this?

(Deleted comment)
Not only have tags been affected by the redesign - that goes for the bundles too. As in they are no longer there. D:

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Rumors claims the tags will reappear after they finish weeding out the worst of the bugs.


But any smart team would have a dev/test server for mucking up and not push that code live to the public until the bugs have been squashed. :-/

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
My tags appear to be gone. Which is why I'm on now.

(Deleted comment)
My tags seem to be all still there, although you can only see as many as can fit on the page. But if you go to the individual links all tags that were used are still there. Tag bundles is apparently also one of the functionalities that they are still working on. Fingers crossed!

The stack thing SEEMS interesting, but it's a bloody hassle to get your existing tags in a stack. You can also follow stacks that interest you, which would be great if you could FIND them. There's no search functionality in the stacks.

Apperently the idea is that the links of the people you follow + the stacks that you follow appear on your "dashboard". Kind of like network and subscription I guess. The only problem. I have yet to find this elusive dashboard. Did anyone else find it?

But you know what the worst thing is any tag containing "/" stopped working!!! Clark/Lex error message, Adam/Kris error message, John/Rodney error message.... you get the idea.


(Deleted comment)
Half my tags are gone. Not happy. I hope they fix it but we'll see.

Well, damn. I really rely on my subscriptions to find new fic and now they are gone. WTF? Most unhappy.

I hope people make stacks for popular fic pairings that I can follow. I'm an optimist?

Nothing works. Nothing. It doesn't even let me log in!

I want to save this page and just send it as an attachment to "those guys that created you tube" cause obviously they are oh-so-brilliant...

I AM SO MAD. I want the old UI back and my subscriptions.

I imported all my Delicious bookmarks to Google Bookmarks and deleted my Delicious account. I am annoyed with them. And this seems like this sort of shit is going to continue.

And Gmarks (as I am taking to calling it) seems to be similar enough to Delicious that I am prepared to get used to it and like it.

When did you import to Google Bookmarks? I went to do that a minute ago and am now getting errors from Delicious' end...


I echo everyone else here, but part of my fun is that I recently (like, within the last month) have done a major clean up on my account. I fixed tags, deleted a lot of bookmarks that were not useful or broken, etc. I got my 5000 bookmarks pretty well organized, and in total probably deleted about 800 or so bookmarks.

Guess what, now they're back. It's like Completely Unworthy Dead have risen. So even if I do import somewhere else, I'll have go back and fix a LOT.

Why couldn't they have given us notice on when exactly things were going live? I saw and paid attention to all the "Sign up to import!" notices, but sure as hell would've made sure to have made an export file if I had known they were doing it overnight.

What the fuck, folks?!


HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT. Major freak-out mode right now. Half of my tags + all of my tag bundles are completely gone, and the number of times the bookmark has been saved counter thingy seems to be messed up - its indicating that some of my bookmarks have 1000+ saves, when they didn't even have close to that amount two days ago.

...I've spent ages organizing my delicious. *cries forever*

ETA: sorry, accidently deleted comment when first posting.

\o/ XML file is MINE!

I'm gonna drop this here on the off chance that the answer if obvious to someone more programming-savvy: I'm having trouble with the export HTML file and dates, if anyone knows what's happening/how to translate this, I will be so very excited

nvm, semi-figured it out. /o\

(Deleted comment)
Ok seriously... this is ridiculous. I'm going to hold off on re-tagging all of my pairings in hopes that they'll dig into the code and fix it quickly.

Also... that stupid drawing looks like a banana jerking off. It's weird. I mean, the larger one is whatever, a badger or something, but the thumbnail? Smiling banana with penis.

you have a way to fix tags on new delicious?

AUGH You were the first place I came in hope of fixing the terrible. D: But I just keep discovering more terrible!

THEY GAVE ME TAGS. RANDOM TAGS. OTHER PEOPLE'S TAGS. Like "wtf" which I do not have as a tag! It is not orderly enough for me! And whenever I have, oh, say, "fandom:sga" it has ADDED "has:fandom" which, just, what?


Yeah, it was pretty horrible when I noticed this morning. I really hope they fix it or else everyone is able to move to somewhere else.

I was also confused on where the networks went. Do you think they removed them completely?

All my tags for fic length, which were on every single story I had bookmarked, are broken. Because apparently the comma breaks it, despite the fact that it worked just fine before. A little warning, guys! If all these marks in tags were going to break, just give us time to fix it ahead of time! Or better yet, just find a way to make them not break the service. The tail is wagging the dog.

Me too. I did mention it in my email to them. I even managed not to swear.

I don't have an account myself, but all the fic memes I follow do. And their functionality is gone :(

Instead of all the tags displaying on the right side, only a randomly selected few do. They don't have a number at the end indicating how many bookmarks there are with that tag. And if the tag is long, it cuts off so you can't actually read the whole tag.

All the '/' don't work, so there go all the pairing tags.

Clicking a tag only displays the most recent TEN bookmarks with that tag. I can't see way to see more than ten. Again useless for searching someones bookmarks.

I can only display ten bookmarks on the 'main' page- I'm used to displaying 50.

Why buy the site if your plan was to completely destroy it? And, I admit my computer/web knowledge isn't great, but doesn't BETA mean you test it on a few people and get feedback? Not roll it out to everyone with a disclaimer saying "BTW x,y,z...and a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,g,j,k and l are not working at the moment but we are working on them over the next few weeks!"

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