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i'm not even ashamed, which is troubling
children of dune - leto 1
I am not watching Atonement just because McAvoy is indecently hot in it. It is a depressing movie. Watching the trailer makes me cry. Well, to be fair, because I read the Wikipedia article first because let me tell you, that trailer did not imply happiness. It kind of implied unshaveness and hotness, but I don't trust that to tell me if there will be crying into my keyboard.

Dear McAvoy,

Have you made a movie where you didn't a.) die tragically before reuniting with the love of your life, b.) have to leave the love of your life due to her refusing to run off with you and leave your family destitute, c.) turn into a giant sandworm (though to be fair, you didn't lose the love of your life, her being your sister) or d.) get shot by the love of your life on a beach due to a philosophical issue and some tragically bad aim when he deflected bullets?

...or Wanted--are you kidding me? MY ONLY ALTERNATIVE TO HYSTERICAL CRYING IS THE MAGICAL WEAVER ASSASSINS WHO WORK OFF A GODDAMN LOOM OF FATE? Though I do like guns and shooting things, so there is that.

*stares at Amazon cart* I can't believe I'm doing this. There has to be a point in a media fan's life where they say "This far, no farther," and honest to God, two months ago the Loom of Fate would be that point.

Hating self,

*hands* Oh, do not judge. I've been rewatching Children of Dune for years. Now you see why? Look at what I have to deal with. Giant sandworm, yes I can see how that could be questionable sometimes, but running around the desert half-naked and making out with his sister? Awesome. Also, he gets drugged and writhes a lot and really, so what giant king sandworm thing, there is writhing.

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...he really is ungodly hot in Atonement, isn't he? Library sex! It's such a shame that his future sex life in that movie is thrown off course by his love's little sister completely destroying his life in every way.

I have moments, sometimes, where I feel this almost pride in McAvoy, because I watch him in these Hollywood movies and think to myself, "Ha, I loved you back during Dune and now you're, like, a star!"

And now I want to rewatch CoD.

He's just so adorable in CoD.

"Ha, I loved you back during Dune and now you're, like, a star!"

THIS. I am smug about it, too.

I had the most amusing convo with the fellow who played Baron Harkkonen about CoD. Also, he and Matt Keeslar were adorable together at C2E2 (even if there was a weird sexual thing between Fyed and the Baron).

You know for years when I saw him in other movies all I said was "Writhe Leto Writhe!!" Which let me tell you watching Penelope not the most appropriate of actions in a movie theater full of kids.

It's ironic that Lee and I just finished re-watching First Contact tonight.

Oh, the terrible sacrifices our different media loves make us give... :)

The book had me weeping like an idiot--I've never even tried the movie, cos I know I'll lose it 10 minutes in.

Have you seen his ShakespeaRe-Told MacBeth yet? OMG IT IS AWESOME. But yeah, also not happy.

I suggest Wimbleton, in which young James plays a loveable rogue whose brother is Paul Bettany.

*seconds Wimbledon enthusiastically* He really does steal every scene he's in.

Also, Children of Dune! *fans self* I was mesemerized by him in that... he moves like a panther.

{snickers} Oh, Jenn, never change.

PS Just finished rereading Sleep While I Drive. Beautiful, as always.

(Deleted comment)
I was just going to recommend State of Play - seconded. John Simm is great in it too, unsurprisingly.

Thirded! State of Play is probably the best thing ever. It's truly a fantastic thriller, and as a bonus stars every British actor ever, almost. ^_^

(Deleted comment)
If you're going through the McAvoy oeuvre, have you watched State of Play, yet? Every actor in there is of the same wonderful calibre, and the script is airtight. It's been some of my favourite hours of TV for years. If you can't find it on Amazon US, I'm happy to provide.

I seem to remember catching Wanted on TV a few months back. Go bored and wandered off halfway through, guns or no.


Not only is the part awesome and Kelly MacDonald's acting flawless, but her accent renders me helpless. I'm very tuned in to voice when I watch something, and perhaps that's one of my problems with Wanted: it is the least attractive of the accents McAvoy can do and it jars quite a bit.

But, yes, Jenn, you cannot go on another moment without having seen SoP. Bill Nighy, John Simm, Philip Glenister...Marc Warren (also in Wanted, I believe) managing to steal the show as the fabulously loathsome but oddly endearing Dominic Foy.

Totally thirded. The series itself is completely awesome as it is, and plus, none of the aforementioned tragic things that always happen to James McAvoy's characters do not happen to his character in this particular series, thank goodness.

In fact, he's so roguishly handsome and impossibly charming through and through. <3

none of the aforementioned tragic things that always happen to James McAvoy's characters do not happen to his character in this particular series, thank goodness

True. Though I would pay good money to anyone who would take the Drama clearly unfolding in the margins of every single scene between Nighy and McAvoy, culminating in that exchange at the pub (in episode 5, I think), and write that story.

Possibly from the POV of Dan's indubitably awesome (if unseen) wife.

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Edited because it's clearly too early for proper syntax.

Hee! I'd throw in a few bucks myself for that story. In fact, for any story that has to do with Nighy's character and/or McAvoy's character. Both of them combined (imagine the things that might happen at the family dinnertable!) would knock me over with awesomness.

Oh, and OT: I just had a little fangirly moment here. I was re-reading some old school SG-1 stories the other day and god, your fics. Just <3 x1000.

imagine the things that might happen at the family dinnertable!


I was re-reading some old school SG-1 stories the other day and god, your fics.

Thank you. You're very kind.

Oh! You know what's non-tragic and adorable? Penelope. I don't even like Christina Ricci, and I loved that movie.

I really enjoyed Penelope and not only because of McAvoy, who is lovely (but seriously how long did they have to flat iron his hair to make it look like that?), but also because it takes every romantic comedy cliche that makes me cringe and turns it on it's head to make the heroine awesome.

Also, I enjoyed Starter for ten, which has bonus Benedict Cumberbatch (of Sherlock fame).

Penelope and the first season of Shameless (UK)!!


This entry is basically a word for word summary of my brain-thoughts about James. Complete with caps-lock over MAGICAL WEAVER ASSASSINS WITH THEIR STUPID BINARY LOOM AND ALL THE PEANUT BUTTER EXPLODING RATS WHAT.

I have watched an embarrassing amount of awful media for this man. And then people wonder why I just keep watching Children of Dune over and over....

I think his best movie is Becoming Jane, I fell in love with him in that. He's epically hot in Atonement but Becoming Jane is definitely his best film. He was also in a film called Starter for Ten which appears to be a comedy, so you could check that out.

I fourth, fifth and sixth State of Play. It's just a really tight and engaging piece of television any way you look at it. The writing, directing, the acting on all sides. It will suck you in and make you watch all six hours of it so make sure you don't have other plans!

Starter for Ten is a cute enough comedy set in the 80's with the appropriate awful hair and styling! He's not in Wimbledon a whole lot but his parts are fun. I also really liked his episodes of Shameless.

I watched Wanted once. About every ten minutes, I couldn't help saying out loud, "This is the stupidest movie I have ever seen." While laughing my ass off.

Seconding Penelope. I enjoyed Wanted in that need-brainless-action-with-pretty way. Starter for Ten was cute. Of course, there's always Mr Tumnus :)

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Seconding Starter for Ten. Totally adorable, plus bonus Benedict Cumberbatch and Dominic Cooper.

...There's always Chronicles of Narnia?

LOL! I know. I absolutely hated the God Emperor in the books, but as soon as McAvoy came on screen, I wanted to have his babies. So very, very wrong.

(Deleted comment)
Seconding Penelope and Starter for 10... also, he was in The Last Station, which is a movie about the last days of Leo Tolstoy, but James does not die. Also... he's adorable. Alsoalso, Christopher Plummer and Helen Mirren as Leo and Sofya there is no bad here except for the part where the ending is obvs. quite sad.

Oh! And State of Play is awwwwwwwesome but certainly not a feel-good miniseries. His character is cheeky and sly and does not die.

I know exactly what you're going through since this has been my exact reaction since X-men: FIrst Class. Trying to see if I can still avoid Atonement but I think I've watched just about everything else since. x_x

*drive by buttin' in* Do see also White Teeth, although he's in the later half of the miniseries :)

...or Wanted--are you kidding me? MY ONLY ALTERNATIVE TO HYSTERICAL CRYING IS THE MAGICAL WEAVER ASSASSINS WHO WORK OFF A GODDAMN LOOM OF FATE? Though I do like guns and shooting things, so there is that.

YES! OMG YES, somebody said it! You've just encompassed my love/hate relationship with WANTED and James McAvoy.

Ehh, there was Chronicles of Narnia but then he had goat legs.


Long time Seperis-follower here -

Totally just watched Children of Dune because it's five bucks on iTunes and you said McAvoy was in it, and....I did not read your sum up til the end, obviously, because WOAHMYGOSH did that twincest catch me by surprise! I wasn't a big fan of the chick's acting, sadly, cause McAvoy was really working' that shi*. He was practically incinerating the screen all by himself as the shirtless wonder! Makes me sad that one day he's going to be completely *edited for spoilers.*

Moral of the story is, thanks for that delightfully strange, 296 minute mini series with J.M.


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