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Oh man. I think this is my favorite part so far. So much goodness here. I love Justin's musings about how much easier things were when he was young and naive- like he's an old man now *g*- and the dialogue really really feels like them, which is just so very rare. And the last bit gave me big time shivers. I must know what happens next! Will Justin ask? Will Brian trick? Will they have phone sex??

Mmm. Phone sex.

Thanks! It's--doing something. God knows what, but something.


I've been a very bad influence on you, haven't I? I'll try to be contrite about this, but it'll be difficult when you write such fine stuff. Bad Gail.

Nope, that doesn't work. Oh, well. It's fun being bad. *g*


Handbaskets and hell, darlin'.

*hugs* You're the bestest enabler EVER!


*hugs more*


Oh. Wow. Day-um. I'm sorry, you were wanting more coherency?

*laughs* Nah, I'm good. Glad you enjoyed it!

::whimpers:: I want more!!! :)

Heee. As soon as it cooperates.

Thank you!

My feedback is so constructive.

*shrieks* OMG!!!!!!11

Re: My feedback is so constructive.


Er, thanks? *g*

This was fantastic. I'm really loving this story. :) Looking forward to the next part!

Thanks, chica! It--is moving. Liken to molasses, but it IS moving.

Wow. I'm so glad I found this. Very intriguing, very different, amazingly well written. More?

*grins* Thanks!

It's--kind of moving. I think. If you squint hard.

so addicted. slow moving agonecstasy. gah.

Heh. Thanks!

And slow-moving IS the word(s) of the day. Liken unto snails in molasses. In February. In snow. Without shoes.

Oh my God! What a great Monday morning present, to arrive at work and find that someone whose Smallville fiction I LOVED (back when I was all about the lurking and not so much about the feedback) is writing QaF! Mind if I friend you? I promise to be super good about feedback and to try not to nag or overdo the squeeing.

*laughs* Thanks so much! And glad you enjoyed the SV and this!

You know, if this silly thing DOES anything beside poke along like a poking thing. Grrr.

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