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question for the flist masses
children of dune - leto 1
Question for a friend who ran into this: julad's site when going there asks if you want to save or download the files instead of being surfable. Anyone know what causes that?

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ok, from the webperson in my house who troubleshoots this kind of thing, there's a configuration error on the server side.

the 'file' type says it's a partial file, which sounds weird and neither one of us are sure why it's doing that, but here's someone else who is having a similar problem: .... their answer basically:

It seems the server is (mis)configured to send the Content-Type "text/x-server-parsed-html" (which is used internally for SSI?), not "text/html" as it should. Have you changed something recently, e.g. in a .htaccess file?

hope that helps! maybe it's something to do with whoever julad hosts with.

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