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HUD is based on income and has some restrictions, but being a student isn't one of them (AFAIK). Google HUD and the city you live in and pull up the site. There will be a list of eligibility restrictions and requirements. There might be a family requirement, as in having a kid, but everywhere I've googled so far doesn't show that when you're no longer considered a dependent of your parents. There is a job requirement, however, so you might need to verify exactly what they are. Federal law is interpreted by state, so teh state can and does have variations on it occasionally, and cities can add or subtract requirements as well.

Thanks, that's really helpful. I did have two other quick questions, 1) what are the requirements for food stamps? 2) do you have any suggestions about health insurance? Several years ago I was exposed to an antibiotic resistant staph infection, now any cut has the potential to land me in the hospital - something I really can't afford to pay on my own, and insurance tends to be ridiculously expensive.

That varies by state interpretation of policy, and what's called policy clearances, where a policy specialist will read the horror that is Federal food stamp policy and try to figure out what it applies to in questionable situations. Email or IM me your zip code and state and I can read the handbook for that state to see what the requirements are. Or just your state, actually, the zip is only if you want to know what office to apply to.

In general--if you are in higher education, you need to be working at least 20 hours a week in some way, even work study, but it's more encompassing than that and has a lot of stuff that falls under employment and work study. When I know your state, I can read their policy and see what's what.

Insurance--the US sucks for this. For some states, they have womens' health programs, like Texas does, that covers reproductive assistance. There are also city, county/parish, and state level programs, but your best best is to google your city and see if they have a clinic system. Houston has one and some other places, where you can apply at the clinics depending on income and get sliding scale payment options at a variety of loosely affiliated clinics. You can also check at specific clincs and hospitals for options, since a lot have programs for those without insurance.

Thanks so much, I'll pm you for more info.

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