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*pats your shoulder*

Medical humor is the same thing. If I related a lot of the stuff that goes on at work? NOBODY WOULD GET IT, or it might be sort of horrifying. But, us? IN HYSTERICS.


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I got you; it's the same in child welfare. People ask "How's work?" And I have a million stories, but end up saying "Fine" because how do you explain this?

*nods* Because you either sound insane...or well, more insane.

Pretty much. It's like, context is everything and context sometimes requires two years in the field as a caseworker or something. *g*

It's the equivalent of a joke about a priest and a rabbi entering a bar, but with food stamps and age requirements and without alcohol. Really.

ok so i'm not sure why, but yes you've got me laughing! thanks!

Can I turn my mom's care over to you??? Because I've learned more about what she qualifies for from you than all my wasted visits to her local HHS office. And I cannot thank you enough for that!!!

Really? I'm so glad it helped. It's really--complicated--for a lot of people to even know what's available, much less how to access it. I'm glad any information I gave was able to assist!

I lol'd, personally.
Maybe it's because I have friend(s) on SSI who ...
yeah, you know what? Explaining that would take pages.

At any rate, "...but they have SSI" IS hysterically funny.

SSI in itself acts as a fantastic punchline sometimes when dealing with Federal or State level government and entitlement programs. *sighs*

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*g* I work for teh state, yeah, and I have been on benefits and was a caseworker, so I can make jokes on both sides! It's difficult for a lot of people who arent' familiar with the system to know what to do or even if there's help, so I try to remember to post something about it every so often.

I don't actually get the joke? But I can tell that it IS hysterical.

I could tell stories about my work but A) that's a terrible idea and B) similarly, there's no way to explain why some of that shit is funny.

(And then there were all the jokes I never made at my old work because no one else there had a dark sense of humour. It was kind of eerie. But that was a spa, not a medical office, which probably explains it.)

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It's ok. People ask me what I do, and I go "Er--" and then spend five minutes explaining. Possibly I should start saying "I push paper in the finance industry." Possibly I should just get a new job. ;)

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