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*squeebles* You. Just. Made. My. Year. *runs off to read*

*crosses fingers* I hope you enjoy it!

You don't want to know the sound I made when I refreshed my flist and saw this. OH. MY. GOD.

I realized I had been procrastinating for weeks and worried I'd try a full plot rewrite. *g* I hope you enjoy it!


Ooh! Happy birthday! *hugs* I hope it's a wonderful one!

Oh. My. God.


It felt like a weekend of posting, y'know?

You post that on a Monday morning? That's torture! How am I supposed to wait until the the weekend? *weeps* <- tears of joy

I know! Sorry! It was this or procrastinate for another month. *winces*

OH wow! I can't wait to read your story. :) I'm so glad you posted it now because I'm going to be on a 6 hour flight this Thursday. (though honestly I'm not sure I can wait until Thursday to read your story) :)

Hey, do you want a single file to make this easier for eboook formatting?

aldnasknfklasnf; I want to read this SO BADLY. And I won't get to this (or the rest of (this is) not a statement, roo) until like Wednesday or Thursday because school stuff is still nutters, but omgomgomg I'M SO GLAD YOU POSTED. YAYETIEMS. *BOOKMARKS*


*grins* I hope you enjoy it!

Oh my a sequel...I am very much looking forward to this..It's 2am in Oklahoma, and I get up at 5am, so I will begin this in a day or two..CANT WAIT!!!!

Thanks in advance, C

*glee* It's about that time here too. I should so not be awake. *G*

I hope you enjoy it!

OH MY GOD. I AM SO HAPPY RN, OMG. Someone got on twitter and was like "Oh, hey Seperis posted a twelve part Reboot fic" and the high-pitched sound I made was both embarrassing and totally inhuman. Oh my heaven, I feel like I've been waiting for this for MONTHS!!! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!! :DDDDDDDDD

*falls over* I hope you enjoy it!

HEEEEEEE. I'm usually a lurker but I'll take this opportunity to tell you how much I love your fics. I LOVE YOUR FICS A TREMENDOUS AMOUNT. ♥ I've been anticipating this since I found out you were writing a sequel so I'm glad I'm on break to read this. :D

You have just made it unbelievably tempting for me to call in sick today, you have no idea. *whimper*

God, I almost did too when it was like two? And I was still trying to make sure all my posts were okay. *grins* Hope you enjoy reading!


Thank you very much for posting this !!! but damn - my lunch break is over in 3 minutes and I have to work four more hours before going home.

I will load my ebook-reader as soon as I come home!!


I hope you enjoy it!

Wow, I nearly developed a 24 hour flu when I saw this was posted! Fuck, why do I have to work? Why god, why? Fanfic should be a valid call-in excuse!

Can't wait to read. I already tagged it "awesome" because your fic always is...

*bounces* Thanks! I hope you enjoy!

*falls over* Totes did not expect it.


omg you have made my monday. MADE IT. this is going to be favorite star trek fic EVER and i haven't even read it yet.

Okay, that sentence is both awesome and kind of terrifying? NO PRESSURE OR ANYTHING...

*grins* I hope you like!

SQUEEEE!!!! How did you know I'd just finished the last Reboot fic in my to-be-read folder!?!?

I think we should take up a collection to send you money so you can quit your job and JUST. KEEP. WRITING.

*falls over* Thank you! I hope you enjoy reading!

Woo hoo!

I was totally going to do work today, but this is SO MUCH BETTER!

Yay for finishing!

*hugs* I hope you enjoy it!

Just checking back in briefly to say: I just finished downloading this--haven't read it yet, and I'm already totally in love with it JUST for the art! Wow.

The art is simply amazing. Seriously.

I hope you enjoy it!


I can't even speak my mother tongue right now. I WAS SUPPOSED TO DO OTHER STUFF THIS WEEK. LIKE, IDK, SLEEP. YOU RUINED IT ALL.

Question: when do you think the PDF version will be ready? Because I want to print it, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to wait for it to be uploaded, and I definitely can't start and then stop!

OH MY FUCKING GOD IT'S HERE. \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ I may have made porn noises when I opened my flist and saw this. There were the helpless flaily arms. BUT NOW I HAVE TO GO TAKE A PHYSICS TEST? God, why.

*grins* Thank you! I hope you enjoy it!

Ok so secret: Even after I was done betaing it (this is Liz btw, lol), I kept a copy of this on my computer because like every few months I would be like, I want to read that story again. And just as I was starting to think it once again, this gets posted! (Technically on my birthday, no less) :D

You already know how much I love it; congrats on posting and enjoy the insane amount of love from the rest of the world you are about to receive! :)

CRAP. I just noticed yours I didnn't change to LJ names when I formatted for LJ. SORRY! GAH. I noticed because you told me, that is. I apologize, fixing now!

Oh, coolness. Looking forward to reading it. Um, are you planning to post it in one file anywhere? Like, at AO3?

girlnamedpixley is doing a PDF? I think she said by the end of the week it'll be done. I'll put a link here and in a separate entry when it's up.


Do you have this all in one file? I want to format it to read on my Kindle. If not, I'll cobble it together myself.

Thanks. I'm seriously looking forward to reading this!

girlnamedpixley is doing a single file PDF that should be doen by the end of the week. I'll put a link up here and in a separate entry when it's done.

omg! I can tell how I'm going to be spending *my* Monday (hint - focusing on work probably isn't high on the list)

I'm so jazzed about diving into this - YAY!

*grins* Thank you! I read yhour comments and I'm very glad you enjoyed the story.


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