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I take back part of what I said before - Pike is dancing with elephants on a different level than he was before, all while trying to make it to a destination that not everyone can see. I bet that's exhilarating and exhausting.

Politics. And a price to pay. I like this. I really, really do. Tough luck, that's how life plays out. I'm grateful you're doing all this. We're past the "oooh, exciting starships!" part of the story, and yet, it is still very, very engaging.

Fan-tastic! I love how everyone bands together to make things better for Jim, how Spock can't bring himself to deny Jim's little rebellion and how Jim is still very much himself even after all he's been through. Just divine.

Fun... I was wondering if I could play with him for a bit.


it had not been particular edifying to be the center of surreptitious attention whenever he emerged in the public eye. - should be "particularly" and I'm not sure "edifying" is the word you want. Gratifying, maybe?

"He is on route as we speak," Spock answers, saving T'Prina from having to dissemble. - the phrase is "en route."

"You, quiet. You seem to be a good negotiator, so lets see how you horse trade with an admiral." - "let's."

Spock studies the narrow hospital bed for a moment. "It would be more feasible if we placed the bed against the wall. - missing an end quote mark.


"We bonded over the antics of our best friends," she says lightly. "It's been a lot of bonding. You both get up to a lot of antics."
Spock doesn't smile, but a part of him wants to.
- Heeheheh.

Hell yeah, Winona.

Slowly, carefully, Spock reaches for him, and Jim lets him, as easily as he commands a ship into unknown space, as easily as he transports to an unknown planet, as easily as he first opened his mind when they bonded; Jim has never been afraid of what he did not know.
I trust you. Show me what you got, Spock.
- <3!

"…and Spock came in time to help me back to bed," Jim says guilelessly. "So I've accomplished going to the bathroom all on my own. Toddlers everywhere envy me my new skill set." - *giggles*

Yay, Dr. Valdez!

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