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I love T'Mana and her need to have Jim's attention all to herself and her snub of Spock and stealing Vulcan kisses!! SO CUte . . .

THe ending was also suitably dramatic!

Go Spock! Nice sucker punch for daddy there, and rightly so. I can see how you've created a situation that might make Sarek see this challenge to the Grayson Test as something appropriate, but I really hope he sees the light before Spock has to open a serious can of whoop ass on him.

You tell him, Spock!

Xenophobic prejudice under my roof??!?! NOOOOOOOO!
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I have to say though...I'm shock shocked SHOCKED at Sarek's actions/behavior. He was married Amanda fucking awesome Grayson. He loved her! He was her husband! It is truly a terrible and very personal insult to her memory for him to be supporting overturning her work. I don't get what he's thinking at all. *pouts*

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Two more typos:
"Greetings," she says, eyes flickering between them before resting on Dr. McCoy. Thank you," she breathes - missing the quote mark before "Thank."

The neatly coiled twists of dark hair is striped in wide swathes of white - noun-verb disagreement! It should be either "twist" or "are."


"It is not logical," he admits. "But the personal is the also the political. - Fuck yes.

"When her term of service is up, I'm sending her to the Academy," Jim answers. "All that authority is wasted on just me--she needs a ship to order around." - Yay Jim, being all leadery and supportive!

Sarek is considerably less awesome here than I would expect of the man Amanda Grayson chose to marry. :(

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