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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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Basically, Jim gets that he runs a ship of crazy geniuses that let him captain because they have much better things to do. He's okay with that. They let him pretend to be a pirate and infiltrate Orion crime rings, and honestly, what's better than that? - <3!

...then again, he's the son of Winona Kirk, and if anyone, anywhere, had thought he was not capable of being a competitive asshole, they just hadn't met his mother or taken a long look at her Academy record. - Hell yeah, Winona!

"Lyra's patients are all non-Vulcans. Seems there's a rash of Vulcan interspecies divorce, Las Vegas style. Ten so far. They said it was voluntary, but Lyra can't get through to any of them - Fucking hell...

"Sometimes it's not my fault," Jim says, extending a hand.
"But usually, sir, it is." Groaning softly, Evans lets Jim pull him up.
- Yay, redshirts!

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