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ho shiiiii...

i don't know where to start with this. seriously. i keep saying the same things over again, but there's so many little things you've written that i enjoy and can relate back to both of them and they all just makes this all the more fantastic and beautiful to read. the way you've constructed their relationship, all these subtle nuances and this certain give and take between them... god, just amazing. your adam is just brilliant. and i still have one more part to read.

also, this? a capella recording of Leah and Kris singing Good Girls Gone Bad as made famous by Cobra Starship featuring Leighton Meester, with Kris singing the part of Leighton...

ffffuuuu. now this is gonna be stuck in my brain forever. totally doesn't help that recently kris sang a little a capella of alicia keys' part in empire state of mind and he's done some britney spears and adele in the past. this is exactly the kind of thing i was talking about when i mentioned little details, hahaha.

*bounces* I love your feedback. It alwasy makes me want to write more.

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