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awww, Adam. He's so good at being the responsible one, it's completely endearing.

Loved the dress up scene, though I must know - were those side lacing leather pants? Was Kris forced to go comando?

Anyhow, love the story, love updates, love you. Not necessarily in that order.

Also, yay! First comment! I think this is the first time ever in all my years of stalking your journal.

Awesoem chapter, i love adam being the responsible one. <33

so if you're interested, my night is perfect. sitting on the back porch while it snows, smoking a cig and reading a seperis fic. that's my life and i'm not even trying to deny it! this story is just pure love for me. i'm wallowing in the slow build of their relationship and loving the ride....

Aww, thank you very much!

it's like 2:30 am and i screamed when i saw this was posted (you interrupted my first time watching tropic thunder, btw! lol like i care) and now i am just going to comment on this as i'm reading, because i am annoying and creepy like that

- LACES. LEATHER. WAY TO DELIVER, AHAHAHAHA, but it went from "heh. leather pants" to palpable contentedness so fast, i feel all melty myself now
- "It mattered," he says slowly. "It just never mattered enough. Not enough to be willing to change anything. You know?"
- Clearing a central area on the bathroom counter, Adam lifts Kris onto it, amused by Kris' surprised look. "You're tiny," he says, pushing his knees apart and tilting up his face. "Look up--there we go. I'm making a plan."
i'm not even going to TRY to pretend that this isn't how i wish all porn started :|
- i've been writing a fic about . . . well, makeup routines and watching them and reversing them, and am now under the impression that with one scene you have totally invalidated all 3000 words i have of it so far. nghhhhhhhhh what is it about adam putting eyeliner on someone that's so hot? idek idek alsdkfjsd
- oh my god i am dead how is it you make me feel dirtier reading about a kiss with my dad in the house than i do reading out-right porn, kgjsd
- aww cale awwwww. leah is just such an adorbs character
-"True, just know now you'll get texts for a threesome after she sees the pictures," Adam answers. Cale starts to flush interestingly. "Tell him to CC me."
- "During the AI tour, Adam said it was depressing to watch me, and he and Alli made me learn. There was grading involved. It was embarrassing."
. . . is it bad that i have no doubt whatsoever that that actually happened? looooooolololol kris dancing
- oh, shit. it just. how is jared so stupid? drunk, yes, but also stupid
- annnnnnnnnnd we're back to meltingly happy again. how do you DO that?

OKAY I'M DONE, THIS WAS PROBABLY RAMBLY AND CREEPY AND YOU DIDN'T READ IT BUT ILU AND THIS AND WANTED TO LEAVE A COMMENT OTHER THAN MY USUAL BROKEN-RECORD "omg awesome everything, moar plz". though the sentiment still stands, so . . . more please :D? ♥



. . . is it bad that i have no doubt whatsoever that that actually happened? looooooolololol kris dancing

Totes had a hilarious vision. And it was hilarious. With like, scorecards, figure-skating style.

Thank you. I read this several times and cackled! Happily!

There's something about this (and every recent) chapter that makes me want to roll around and snuggle with it. I love the complicated more-than-friends thing they have going on, and I love the pace at which you're building the story up. I find myself going back and re-reading chapters just to make my reading experience longer. I don't want this to end.

(happy sigh) Off to re-read this wonderfulness!


you updated tonight/morning/whatever. \o/

uhmmm, idk where to begin with this. i seriously have a tl;dr gushy comment written and saved in my notepad and i'm not sure if you want to see it, because... yeah, haha, it's so bad and so, so flaily. idek.

anyway, again, i'm glad you liked the poster so much! you totally deserve it for writing this amazing story that's become like somewhat of a monster, haha. it's funny how far the boys have taken you with this (and where they still plan on taking you(?)).


And thank you very, very much!

Favouritest WIP fic ever!!!

I just spent a good part of my lunch reading this and I have a meeting to prepare so maybe I'll go grab a sandwhich to have something but seriously, I needed this like coffee today. And that's saying something as I was at work 7am this morning.

<3 <3 <3

*winces* Coffee, yes. God, I'd love some coffee right now.

Thank you very much!

What a wonderful treat - another installment :-)

what lovely and misleading first line.

I just love this.

Hee! A bit, yeah.

Thank you!

I am taking this story for drinks and then buying it something sweet afterwards.


That makeup BDSM porn where everybody's completely dressed and there are no orgasms. I love you a little more than is decent.

*grins* Thank you very much!

Holy crap is Kris a passive aggressive bastard sometimes. \o/

I fall more in love with this story every time I read a new segment!

"It's like supervising a really alcoholic middle school," Adam observes
for some reason, this line in particular (out of many funny lines) made me bust out in giggles. luckily, no one was around at the time, cause *that* is always hard to explain to coworkers

All technical adults, all drinking dangerously. *G* Thank you very much!

*Looks back at the body of the text*

"Yes," she murmurs to herself. "The next installment was even better."

This wip is simply addictive. The mental image that will stay with me is of Adam applying Kris' make-up. It was a feast of words that instilled a mental picture as clear as if it had really happened.

Everything else from Tommy's offer to Cale and to the aftermath of the night at the club was just an added bonus.

*Plants self in front of monitor to wait on part 9*

*glee* Thank you very much!

Oh my gosh, ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

I love this story so much I don't even have anything to say. It just keeps getting better! Thank you!

God. Now I want some cookies. *reaches for icon desperately*

Thank you very much!

*sigh* How long can you keep writing this? I'm really not in a hurry for you to finish.

Apparently putting makeup on is a lot hotter than I thought. Even when everyone involved keeps their clothes on. And Jared is making me nervous. I want you to keep him away from Kris, except when having Jared around leads to Kris making a point about who he does and does not kiss with Adam. But his interest in Kris is too intense. Don't turn your back on him.

So how is it that Kris doesn't seem to know how he feels about Adam? Cale and Tommy both seem to have figured it out.

This so f-ing much! Yeah ok, the UST is heart-wrenchingly good and all, but when they started making out around part five and still haven't gotten hit by the clue-by-four... IDEK.

Seperis, you are my writer idol regarding the way things are left unsaid and events happen "off camera". How do you do it? I fall into the explanation trap way too often.

Ag this story is somehow so hot (omg the kisses) and tender, but also somehow very painful and bittersweet in a realistic, everyday way.

I love Adam here, trying to be so responsible and such a caretaker, but also being so potentially foolish with his own heart (Kris is just separated, not divorced after all, and seems sweetly clueless). You write Adam and Kris with this amzing connection, but I don't blame Adam for trusting Brad more... Kris still seems kinda "open-minded straight guy" who doesn't quite get what he doing to Adam or how serious the flirting and playing can get. His kissing Adam to score points off Jared is just the perfect encapsulation. It's not like Adam *minds* but maybe he should...

But I love that you had the earlier bit with Jared crossing lines to show that Kris's innocence/ignorance there isn't something that means he's "asking for it" though, and that Adam's always tried to respect that and even likes that about him. (And I'm wondering now if his previous lack of contact with Kris wasn't subconsciously trying to protect himself a little. And now I'm remembering a RL interview where Adam said he liked taking care of people, but sometimes wished for a boyfriend who'd chase/take care of him and just ;_;)

Also: I love the whole band sub-plot, Jared and Leah and their rise.

I love this comment. I keep coming back to read it and think about it. Like, a lot.

Thanks very much.

You are wildly prolific. It's nice. It's very nearly instant gratification;)

I've read a lot of "Adam trusses Kris in leather and liner" in fic but it never gets old. Like ever. And I like the pacing of the story--the time Adam and Kris are taking with each other.

So very very good.

*grins* Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed!

This just keeps getting better and betterer!!

I, like, love you and stuff? I'm creating a super creepy shrine to you as we speak.

Seriously, though. Your voices are *unreal*. It's actually a little ridiculous. Also, Cale/Tommy making out. For the fucking *win*. And you totally hit my make-up kink right where it counts. Keep doing this exact thing because you're killing me with this.

*dies* Thank you very very much! I'm very glad you're enjoying it.

While I never saw this coming, your involvement of Kris's pet band to such an intense degree really *works*, and it's absolutely pulling me along. I can't work out exactly how I feel about Jared just yet - and I think that's how it's supposed to be - but I know that I want to like him, that he's who Adam could have been in another life. I'm really excited you've gone so far with something that was brilliant, but really just a tiny snippet.

Thank you! I didn't entirely anticipate I'd have them around this much either. At least, not quite to this degree.

LOL! I love the sheer *extent* to which they are out of the realm of plausible deniability without even realizing it. I keep waiting for someone outside their circle -- who hasn't been watching this evolve -- to suddenly find themselves confronted with all the "casual making out between friends" and be all flaily and "WTF???" to Kris when they get him alone. LOL!

I have so much love for this series it's positively SCARY! They are the cutest boys EVER. And I love Adam being the mature, responsible one in this chapter.

You know, you gotta wonder what this looks like to people who haven't been just kind of around teh entire time.

Thanks very much!

Jared needs to be slapped. And possibly punched again. *scowl*

But ADAM! ♥

(do you know how amazing it was to check on this fic and find that you'd updated 3 more sections????)

*dies* thank you very much!


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