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I can always tell when I'm hungry when I'm writing; people start eating a lot in my fic.


I know you've had many comments that gesture towards this, but it bears repeating: I like this precisely because it is quite difficult. Nothing fits comfortably, nothing is easy in that overly-bright-candy-colored kind of way. And that's what makes the entire thing so compelling, from quiet not-quite-sweet moments on a beach to this chapter that starts with a a real, honest to goodness fight. I love that neither Kris nor Adam are anything but what they are, bad impulses, good impulses, annoyances and all.

In other words, this is a stunningly great read. There's a vicious joy in it all. Thanks.

Thank you very much! It's hard to write fights without going over the top, so it's the one place I get nervous, since real fights are usually over the top, which doesn't translate to fic well. So I'm really glad that worked.

Thanks again! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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*g* Hope you enjoy it!

before i get all the way through this, i just wanted to point out two things (and i hate to, but i'm neurotic like this D:);

he can't keep his feet anymore

keep on his feet?

"Says the boy who's guitar hobby has its own credit card."L

whose, maybe? it's been 9 months since AP english, but i'm pretty sure whose is the possessive


. . . and ignore that random L, i'm not used to this keyboard yet :(

I still love this. I'm torn between my desire for you to hurry this up (since I'm still rooting for Adam and I want to see if he gets what he wants) and my dread of this being over. Maybe you could promise a million more words? I'm sure I could stop worrying then.

*G* Thank you! God knows, i didn't think it would take 32K to tell this one and still not quite there. Just. Wow.

nghhhhhhkdlsfjkafjdskf. LKDSJFALKSDJ. alsjkdf lksajdf lkJ FLKASDJF DKjdklJKDJFkdjsf

and i lovelovelove how you write them, jsyk. ik a lot of people probably tell you this, but you write them as imperfect, full of faults, realistic fighting, realistic everything. you write them human, which is surprisingly rare and hard to do, and i appreciate it sosososo much. and that last section, HOLY SHIT, this comment would probably be a lot more articulate and coherent if not for that, way to break my brain >:( loved it all, as usual, can't want for more :*

I like inarticulate comments. *purrs* And thanks so much! I'm glad people are patient with it. It's kind of a long cocktease at this point.

hmmnn, hazy, fuzzy stoned kisses, i completely approve! and showing jared who kris belongs with is a bonus! love cale and tommy and their love for their guys.

LOL, you totally got me with adams reward for going to the club.....

"What have you wanted to do to me since the first time you looked in the closet in our room at the mansion?"

*g* I love Adam jumped to "dressing him appropriately".

Thanks very much!

Between the Saints winning the Superbowl and this story getting updated, tonight's one of the best nights ever. I didn't expect the update since the last one wasn't that long ago, but hey, I'm not complaining! I'm just thrilled that you're feeling ~inspired with this story. I love it so freakin' much. Adam and Kris' "casual" makeout sessions are making my toes curl in delight. Favorite WIP for sure! <33

Madelyn just got on gleeing at the win too. *g* Thanks very much! I'm glad you enjoyed!

SQUEEE! You did it! With the visiting in Vegas! And the band! And pissy Rock Star Adam! And pissy Musician Kris! And also Jared, who I kind of feel sorry for but not really...

And Adam gets to dress Kris for the club! Which I can't WAIT for! And Kris with his grown out hair and cuddly, affectionate tendencies!

*flailing* This is SO freakin' good!

*grins* Thank you very much! I hoped this was what you were looking for.

I don't think I've comment yet, but I've been following this story, waiting patiently for each new part, and I honestly have no words. Seriously. Everytime I finish an update, I'm speechless. You paint them as such humans, and you've taken the characters in directions no author in this fandom has before. I don't think I want this to ever end, I want to live in this world you've created with them forever. Flawless, stunning, gorgeous, achingly hot. Just, ugh, perfection.

Thank you very, very much!

okay seriously ?? this is very quickly climbing my chart of awesomest fics (and trust me ur in veryvery good company at the top) :D

"You should take Adam back," Kris says sincerely. "Your girlfriend wouldn't mind. She's cool."

"God, when you say that in that drawl, it's like watching an angel lose its wings," Tommy answers as Adam blinks between them in alarm.

lol Mom yelled at me to go to bed when i laughed out loud at this (i'm 33 ffs lol)

soooo cannot wait for more, but do NOT want this to end. I agree with the other poster that maybe if you promised a million more words we might not revolt when the story is done lol

<3 u <3 them <3 this

*dies laughing* Thanks very much!

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I have no idea where this story is going, but I really love it. Their friendship is so complicated, and you've done an amazing job of showing how their other relationships complicate it even more.

And that last kissing scene is so hot. Just kissing but it's...idk amazing. This feels like watching Lost, where I just want to know all the answers but I'm also just really enjoying the ride.

Thank you very, very much!

UNF. Also guh. And even when they're being hot they are so SWEET, goshdarnit *cuddles them*

I know, they are. It kind of kills me. *g* Thank you!

I was just rec'd this. I'm not even half-way done with this chapter (which I'm reading first because this is what was linked for me) and I'm making grabby hands in glee. I'm hoping there is nothing to do at work tomorrow because this? Needs to be read in totality.

Thanks very, very much!

ugh, I'm supposed to be writing a paper, but this was so worth the extra time I'm going to be up. Great part, I'm really liking this slow drift from complicated friends into just plain complicated.

*G* Yeah, they're quickly getting to complicated, period. Thanks very much!

I want pizza now... oh, it's 1:30 am. That explains it.

\o/ Stoned!Kris OMG <3

*giggleS* I do too. A lot.

Thanks very much!

you know you think about a fic way too much when you see a recent picture of one of them and one of your immediate thoughts aside from "so cute!" is "whoa, this is kind of how i picture him in so-and-so's story..." 'cause, yeah, totally happened with your story today when i saw this recent picture of exhausted!kris (and i still feel kiiinda sorta bad because he looks like death warmed over, yet i'm all "jfc, how adorable is he here" -- i have a feeling that this is what your adam in this story tends to go through.)

i don't know what else to say because i think if i keep blabbering on like i have done, i'll end up being one mess of complete redundancy. so, yeah, awesome stuff as usual. i'm amazed at how real you try to keep this and actually pull it off, it just makes it better and even more enjoyable to read.

and i will also say this, omfg, kris and fishnets and highheels... the mental image i'm getting is so stupid and presh, hahahaha. and please, please, please tell me you've seen kris' stupid, lulzy self in those wings and glittery platform boots. because, seriously, lolol.

*pets Kris* Oh man, poor baby. I want to give him soup.

Thanks very, very much!

I could read about your Kris and Adam's friendship and not-so-casual makeouts for the rest of time, holy crap. I feel like they're right on the edge here, ready to tip over, from their vicious fighting to the utter relief they felt when they made up. Compelling stuff.

I really love when I refresh my flist and see this pop up. :D Great, great work.

I figure they are the types that might slip into truly vicious fighting in something like this.

Thank you very much!

"I bet," Adam says against Kris' ear, "that you could be very bendy for me. Couldn't you?" Kris make an inarticulate sound, sucking harder before his tongue licks over the skin, almost in apology.

yes, kris can be very bendy...


i am loving this story. omg the image of kris in fishnets and stilettos is lulzy and adam dressing kris is unf (can't wait for that...)

i'm loving their not-so-friendly make-out sessions (seriously, where can i find a hot friend to make out with every once in awhile?). and the fight i particularly loved b/c it shows how stubborn both of them can be and in my experience you only fight with people you care about and that argument and the make-up embodied so much of how they care about each other :)

anyways, can't wait for more!

Thanks very much!

I was really wary on writing that fight; I wasn't sure if it would go over the top or not. I'm thrilled it worked.

Arrrrrgh, this slow tease is driving *me* insane, so I can't imagine what it's doing to the boys.

Adore you. Adore this story. This is not news. ;-)

Yeah, they've been foreplaying for a while now. *winces*

Thanks very much!

I love this fic! Kris in fishnets and stilettos thank you for that image!

I just adore this. It's so real. Each time a new part comes out, I read the last part just because I want to read for longer.

*g* Thanks very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

So they're still not talking about the fight from 2 months ago in which Adam made it clear he trusts Brad more than Kris, their kissing is getting less friendly and more heated, Kris is jealous of Alex (at least, I think they were talking about Alex; is Adam still seeing Alex?) and Kris was unconcerned with Jared seeing them and possibly telling someone within earshot of the press. Hmm. Yeah, complicated is a word for it.

I think Adam forgets about Alex for long stretches of time. That's not a good habit to pick up. Yeah, complicated is definitely a word for it.

I am seriously loving that every time I manage to find an internet connection, there's more of this. I like having something good to read before bed. :)

*g* Thank you very much! I'd been planning to post last night anyway, but when I got your feedbak on the last part, I tried to hurry and get it up so you could grab it if you had time.

This story is really wonderful! I feel like Kris and Adam are two bodies orbiting each other and with each revolution they're pulled closer and closer together until . . . KABAMM! At least, I hope there will be an awesome KABAMM moment :)

And can I say how ridiculously hot I find their dynamic to be in this story? Kris just seems so eager to give up control in his encounters with Adam, and Adam is happy to take it from him. First that little scene on the countertop with Adam holding Kris's wrists and now the bendyness . . . Guh.

I love that their relationship is complicated and changeable, and I don't mind being teased a bit more- I don't want this story to end :)

This story is really wonderful! I feel like Kris and Adam are two bodies orbiting each other and with each revolution they're pulled closer and closer together until . . . KABAMM! At least, I hope there will be an awesome KABAMM moment :)

Pretty much I think that's what's happening? Plus, once you've done something, and found out you're okay with it, it's just so much easier to keep doing it.

And can I say how ridiculously hot I find their dynamic to be in this story? Kris just seems so eager to give up control in his encounters with Adam, and Adam is happy to take it from him. First that little scene on the countertop with Adam holding Kris's wrists and now the bendyness . . . Guh.

*glee* Thank you. That has been--interesting.

I'm glad you're enjoying it!


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