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Re: the breakdown of the horror

Well, that does look complex. I think my favorite part of that linked page is how every section has a yellow warning triangle and the words:
CAUTION: Before you begin the following procedure, follow the safety instructions in the Product Information Guide.

They're very serious about that. What happens if you don't follow the safety instructions in the Product Information Guide? Does a hole rip in the space time continuum? Will a plague of weasel-faced mantises infest your yard? Will MCR break up? You don't know!

Anyway, good luck with giving Adam a new head.

I thought one of the joys of Dell was that they would send people in little white coats to your door in case of a computer emergency

With a white I-Love-Me coat for your very own self?

I've broken down and replaced every single, stinkin' part on every damn Dell laptop (except the newer ones, post-2006) and I can attest that they're reasonably difficult but if you take your time and promise yourself copious amounts of alcohol and/or chocolate as a reward, you'll be fine. Plus I've got a ton of spare screws and other shit, so if there's something you can't find, send me a pic and I'll look. I was thisclose to being a certified Dell lunatic technician when I left my old company in 2005 so I do know whereof I speak.

The cases are for shit. The hardest part about replacing the hinges are making sure you don't pinch the wires that feed to the LCD panel. You're not an idiot, you'll be okay.

Just fyi, there's a podbook of that fic. Let me know if you want the link.



Um. Yes? Link! [grins sheepishly]

Aceles put it together. She also has an AMAZING version of Bexles' fic I Have Been All Things Unholy. Unfortunately, after looking for the link I found out that she's removed all her podfics. If you want to pm me I'll send you a copy though.

You can totally do it OK! It is not as hard as it looks! Laptop surgery isn't that hard!

If there are a lot of screws involved, I recommend an ice cube tray using each compartment for a different step. If you do not already do this, of course.

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