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Oh my heart.

[pets Kris]

[hugs Adam]

[flails incoherently]

oh man, kinda heartbreaky, but so worth being up at 3AM for!

*hugs* Thank you very much!

Oh, Kris. Poor baby.

Thank you! Yeah, it's kind of rough for him now.

fall out boy just broke up, this could NOT have come at a better time oh my god thank you. brb reading

I READ THAT AND I DO NOT BELIEVE IT. And yeah, shinetheway was freaking out on yim, which is part of the reason I thought posting it might zen her a little. *g*

Hope you like!

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on a phone so I can't ramble poetic about how good this is, but basically l, jesus fucking christ. in every possible way. most of them good, but this viscerally hurt to read, they really need to get on that whole punching fictional characters to kingdom come through your computer thing

fucking beautiful *rolls around in your writing, clings*

Thank you very much!

they really need to get on that whole punching fictional characters to kingdom come through your computer thing

Soon? I will buy the upgrade.

i am SO GLAD i refreshed one last time before bed. gah, i just want to wrap myself in the worlds you create and never come out, even when they are filled with angst and pain and bittersweet symphonies. *handflail* oh, kris. oh adam. oh boys.

Oh, nicely done. I loved how delicately you handled this - maturely (even though I'm pretty sure in our hearts we all want Adam to beat the hell out of Jared -in heels!-... subtle-yet-terrible-revenge? Please?) and very respectful of Kris. I am so very impressed.

I thought I was being too blatant? I had three people check it for me to be sure.

even though I'm pretty sure in our hearts we all want Adam to beat the hell out of Jared -in heels!

Sooo tempting.

thanks very much!

So much love for this. Seriously.

Not sure if anyone else brought it up - but do you know The Vagina Monologues? This made me think of that - in particular, the piece called "My Short Skirt" which basically says that the way women dress, the makeup we wear, how we fix our hair, does not mean in any way, shape or form that we are "asking for it." It doesn't give anyone the right to touch us or yell at us. The same idea holds as true for men as for women, it's just upsetting that male harassment victims are even less likely to be fairly treated, if they're even willing to come forward about it.

I could ramble/rant about this all day - it's something I've worked with a lot (I was involved in a production of The Vagina Monologues in college during V Week) - but I won't sentence you to that.

I just wanted to say that you did an excellent job, here, and I am looking forward to whatever you write next. :)

Yes, I have! Though I have yet to see a performance, and I really need to.

Thank you very, very much!

oh jaysus, i should have seen this coming with jared, but for whatever reason, i didn't. i love how you handled the situation and i want to applaud adam for not just going out and punching jared's face in some more after he found it all out. he's a bigger person than i am 'cause i probably would have gotten a blunt object and went hunting. it just really hurt to see the boys in that kind of situation, dealing with it. idek.

also, it's kind of neat reading your story because little details do make me think of rl stuff with them and in turn, makes the story also feel a bit real (kris hating big [promotion] events, that bone-deep exhaustion that shows, being unfiltered around certain people, the cooking between the both of them, etc -- even the curtains remark made me grin a little). and i could totally see adam worrying about how him and kris act together and all after jared, but god, adam is definitely nothing like jared, deep-down, when it comes to kris. i just want to hug them both really tight.

and this is ot, but how much longer do you think this story will go? i'm thinking about getting someone to draw a couple images from this story and i want to make sure i have full range in picking out scenes and stuff before i start giving the person them, haha.

God, thank you very much!

I--don't know? It's at just below 20K now, and if my notes and future sections are anything to go by, 30K to 40K total? So short version--really not sure.

I suck at commenting, but my God, this is amazing. As usual, you write beautifully and in such a compelling way, and I love all the little details you throw in that always ring true to character, but most of all for this fic in particular I love how you've taken fandom staples and turned them on their head.

For example, I was so certain that I never wanted to read another divorce/separation fic, but you bought new insight to that situation in the last part. And now the whole 'Kris is a tease' fandom meme, turned on its head so powerfully. Gah, I'm just so glad you're writing these characters now. :)

For example, I was so certain that I never wanted to read another divorce/separation fic, but you bought new insight to that situation in the last part. And now the whole 'Kris is a tease' fandom meme, turned on its head so powerfully.

I seriously didn't start out with that in mind? It just seemed to develop on the way to where I was going. Thank you very, very much!

I love this, how you dealt with this:

"Kris might believe him, but hearing it from Jared may be the only way to be sure. They still live in a world where a woman can be asked what she wore when she was raped, where a gay man can still be assaulted and never get as far as a trial, if he reports it at all."

It started out as a cute Kradam fic then this...amazing!

Oh, wow. You went there, turned one of the biggest tropes in fandom on its head and aflajdf;alkjfad;lfj oh god it's FABULOUS. I love this so much.

I'd somehow lost track of this after part two and just now rediscovered it and it's such an awesome story.

You balanced that just awesomeingly. Sharp emotions vivid without showing them, giving that undercurrent of how upset both of them were without giving everything words. Just *flail* I'm so hooked on this story it's crazy, I'm on vacation in UK right now and stealing time so I can borrow a laptop and read it.

When you said soon, you meant soon. :D I woke up with the ending of chapter 4 in mind (the oh-so-perfect kiss), so imagine my delight when I checked my flist and saw the shiny new chapter 5 posted. I may or may not have squealed and done the seal clap.

I really like the way you wrote the kitchen scene. Sexual harassment and assault are NOT okay, even if you're a guy, and I like the way Adam drilled that into Kris. Your Adam is love. His little, "Did I?" broke my heart a little. Kris' too, I'm sure.

Beautiful chapter.

Hee! Yeah, a little sooner than I thought. Thanks very much!

Ahhhhh this fic HOW SO AWESOME.

Oh, Kris. He makes me want to shield him from the world and treat him like he's five. Goddamnit *g*. Adam is so great, amazing and the best BFFL ever! I want my own Adam now. <3

I want to feed him soup and tuck him in bed. I know the feeling. Thanks!


I really like this, and as I said last night -YAY FOR ADAM'S PROTECTIVENESS.

This makes me want to write you that OTHER fic with Damon Salvatore as a thank you.

*grins* But, I already did that in chat, didn't ? *HIDES*

omg i am loving this so much! you're addressing one of the things i've thought about for so long about kris. we all say kris is a tease and how the hell does adam resist him, and you just showed how: respect. i loved that you made kris unsure of whether his behavior with adam was unfair. when he asks adam, omg my heart died. and then adam wondering the same thing.

and i think it's interesting how you contrasted jared's relationship with kris with adam's relationship with kris. kris is a tease to both, maybe, and i love how you showed how different the two relationships are.

also, kris' vulnerability in this was done so well. you made him real, i think. kris does inspire protectiveness from people, i think, but a lot of fics turn that into kris being weak and needing to be coddled. what you did here was explore how vulnerable kris could be, but you don't do it in a patronizing way and i love that.

that probably didn't make any sense, but i'm just loving this!

*blows out breath* Thank you. I'd hoped I got that right.

Kris hesitates, then looks at him, eyes dark. "You--did I ever--"

This is my heart: unbroken. This is my heart on Kris: broken.

Outstanding, you. Marvelous and outstanding. If I ever needed a reason for why you're seriously my Top Favourite Fandom Author *EVAR*, this specific chapter would be it, for reasons better left with my therapist.


I just do not have words

I don't even care it's a WIP, that's how much I love this Adam and Kris!

I seriously did not mean for this to even become one. God.

Thank you!


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