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Remind you to tell you about when my father has to go out and split wood for the fireplace..and I have had to stack it. There is a stack of wood almost the entire distance of our house out in back of my parents' house.


Then, wood was hauled inside and someone had to start the fire. I have received all possible paternal training on the subject, so I am 'cleared to do so.' :)

Your description of The Fray's music is amusing me probably far more than it should. So true, though. ):

Srsly. I was trying to write a PWP and suddenly they were breaking up and I was on the cusp of sending one to die in rehab. I mean, what the hell? It was sex in a closet. IDEK.

Omg, finally a "shipping" meme I can do! OBVIOUSLY I would ship you with svmadelyn, and obviously it would be Roadtrip Fic involving alcohol, shopping, food, and solving a terrorist plot with spreadsheets and programming (you) and organizational and persuasive skillz (madelyn). \o/

I... kind of want to write this now.XD Hmm, but how to make it porny... I'm thinking maybe some undercover detectives? idk, idk

*giggles* I like how you think!

Hey, can i ask a favor? Can you read something for me? It's--complicated, and I'm not sure I got it right. About ten pages and part of the Not a Statement fic.

Ooooh, I can actually do that, I think! I've got work I have to do, but definitely can do your thing first, and would love to.:)

eta: oh, man, I'm rereading Not a Statement right now, and it's sooo good. \o/

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You know, I seriously wish I had something more interesting to report than like, I still exist in the universe, but no, that's about the extent of my new things to share.

Heh. I'm right there myself. I mean, I'm sure interesting, fun, gleefilled things are happening around the world, they're just not happening in my life at the moment.

Who on LJ/DW do you ship me with? Bonus points for outlining the ridiculous AU fic that you would write about us.

Because I am Old School and the early days of SV fandom still hold a special place in my heart, I'd have to say you/thete1. I'm assuming the AU would include a devious alien race that tried to take over the world and could only be fought by producing large amounts of written porn. Clearly, you and Te would be working to save the world from the threat of invasion and during an all-night writing session (which I'm sure would occur in a lab, as all world-saving inventions should), sparks would fly.

*purrs* I love love love how you think.

I feel like you and svmadelyn would be like the John/Rodney of the seperis fandom, so I'd have to be contrary and go for a minor pairing. Like you/winterlive. You would be secret agents in some Leverage-esque universe where you would be Hardison and she would be Parker.

...omg i love that! LEVERAGE! I could totes do that.

I would concur with this. And also add, HEEE. Actually, you as a secret agent would be kind of terrifying. Because you'd know everything and track people across continents.

Glad you're having fun with the reading, it must be pretty weird to read yourself translated ^^

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