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HA! Their lives are complicated okay?

*is not smirking in your direction....not even a little bit...*

...yes you are. I can feel the smirk, okay?

oh jesus, this is killing me!

Adam could deal with never having him but not with losing him entirely.

*curled up in the corner, rocking slowly*

ok, i'm going back to read this again because there's just so much there and i know i don't get it all the first time through. i just want to say, i am in total awe of your writing. your characters have so much depth and make me wish i really knew them.

seriously turning into a cray cray fan girl here!

Eeeee, I adore this series so much, and I love this part, especially since I was hoping-hoping-hoping but still didn't see the kiss coming because they've been so good so far. And lol at Kris's drunken blowjobs, hee.

Thank you very much! Kris is kind of a tease sometimes.

like they've done this before, like they'll do this again, like a first kiss never is and probably shouldn't be

Oh, boys.

I'm in love with your take on their friendship and how well they know each other, and I'm so excited to see where they would go from here. Your Adam POV is aces, I kind of want to roll around in it forever. Sigh.

Oh my gosh, that last bit just made me *ache*. Serious love for this part. In fact, I think I need to read it again like now.

i am loving this story so much. i don't even know how to explain but i just feel like you really really GET their relationship. i love your adam POV especially the last part where he thinks about who he is now in relation tno loving kris to where he was and how he isn't as strong anymore. that just KILLED ME!

and even though it's heartbreaking, i love that kris is really trying to work out his marriage. because, like adam mentioned, kris did make promises to someone else. and even if kris does want adam, it's not that simple and it's a lot for him to give up katy and the life he's built.

ok, really long lol

but yeah, loving this!!!!

Thank you very, very much! I'm--surprised this is taking so much longer than I expected to write.

Oh Jesus, I just want to hug this story and never let it go. I just love Adam here, the way you wrote Adam break my heart and I can't stop falling in love with him and them. I heart this series a lot *g*, each parts always leave such a powerful impression on me and even as I go back to reread it all, I can't shake this feeling away.

Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it!

this is my go-to comment when i can't coherently really think of anything to say. so, yeah.

(when i saw this part and got into it, my mind pretty much shut down afterwards -- it was just so good, interesting, and satisfying to read.)

Thank you!

...oh God that macros is adorable.

Oh, boys.

::snuggles them::

Oh, my hearttt. This was my favorite update yet, and I really love what you're doing with this story! <3

Love them. Love this. Can't wait to see what happens next!

Mmmm, I liked this like clutching it tight and wondering where you're going with this (eeeee!)

oh my aching heart.... I cannot wait to see where this goes..

Um, I have to say, this made me seriously sad. I mean, yes, good for Adam, recognizing what was best all around, but. Ouch. Beautiful scenes, though, so, go you.

Thanks very, very much!

I read this last night, woke up this morning still thinking about it, so read it again. I really liked the earlier parts, but this one really drew me in. I want them to be together NOW but I also don't want Kris or Adam to feel guilty. Now I'm going to be worrying about Adam, who may be so on guard emotionally that he won't notice if Kris moves from needing him into wanting him. So many things to fret about... sigh
Can you please write faster? Maybe learn to write in your sleep?

*glee* Thanks, hon .*Hugs* I"m glad you're enjoying it.

My favorite WIP. I love this so much that I never have to re-read old parts to remember what is going on. Everything is clear as day with this story. The scenes, the writing, everything is just so well-done that it sticks with me. Can't wait for the next part!

Thank you very, very much! And apparently, soon? I hope. *crosses fingers*

so wonderful.

this whole line:
He lets himself think about it anyway, about another life entirely where he could have met Kris first, where he could have had him and kept him: about another time, when he was younger and wouldn't have cared what promises Kris had made if he could have been the one to make Kris break them; about what he could do now if he tried, with Kris needing him like this; it would be so easy to do and impossible to regret.
made me ache. i must have reread it about 5 times, and each time twisted the knife a little bit harder.

Thank you very much! That line is--yeah. A little painful.

Love this story so much. I admit I was happy to move from Adam's sad resignation (like a knife to the heart) at the end of this chapter to the much more cheerful theme of sexual assault in the next :) I love the fact that they both have therapists. I would pay money for a scene about a session, or heh, the lunch between their therapists. I think I have a therapy kink (I blame astolat). I'm stalking someone working on a story that includes Kris/Katy marriage counseling.


Thank you very much!

random, but hayy, i told you in a comment on part 5 that i was thinking of asking someone to draw a few images from this story (i was thinking probably one solo adam and one solo kris and one of them together) and the one for solo kris i was thinking this scene:

"I hate you," Kris says resentfully, curling up tighter in the blankets without any visible sign he gives a shit about the cleanliness of the sheets, eyes drifting shut on a glare.

but before i just threw the line at them and told them to use their imagination about it -- i wanted to know if you had a particular way you pictured it yourself? like how the blankets (certain color?) exactly are around him, his position (on his side, back), etc? be as detailed as you want, if you want to be.

On his side, kind of half-wrapped up in them, and color. Okay, I knew until you said that, and now I keep thinking red? But you know, thta could be because I was reading something with red blankets, so honestly, that's up for grabs.

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