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Awwwww, protective!Adam. He's so precious!


OMFG! This is AWESOME! I LOVE how Adam's jealousy is so THERE and FIERCE, BITCHY and kind of HOT.

Loves how Kris let Jared's comments roll off his back, love how when it comes down to it NOTHING comes between Adam and Kris, and Kris will ALWAYS choose Adam and vice versa. And I'm all sort of in love with this.

This fic (& the other one posted tonight) are wreaking havoc with my self-imposed thirty minute computer limit. Right now, I've used up all my half-hours til a week from Tuesday.

Totes worth it. :)

*falls over* Sorry! I'm very glad you enjoyed, though!

oh man, i love protective adam! and yes adam, i worry that kris is just a little too, i'm not sure, naive? un worldly? nice?

so looking forward to more!

*secretly hopeful cause katy is somewhat absent*

This just keeps getting better and better. Love the comment about Kris having a type! Love Adam enjoying being king! Love Kris being at the center of a tug-of-war!

I love both Leo and Kris needling Adam about his alpha tendencies.

Damn, jealous and protective Adam is so freaking sexy. That whole scene just played beautifully in my head. In fact, I think I need to read it again now.

Hee! Thanks very much!

Yay, more o this verse. Am loving it hard core :D

Awww, I actually like Jared's douchetastic forwardness. Maybe it's because he's hitting on Kris, and anyone who hits on Kris at least has good taste. :p

Love the Adam POV here: the weariness when he arrives to LA, that quickly transforms to possessiveness when he sees Kris and his newest pursuer.

This is true. He has very, very good taste.

Thanks very much!

This and One AM, they're are both fantastic and utterly amazing! I kinda really love Jared, he just seem so interesting! I'm sort of hoping there will be more appearance of him *g* maybe because he bring out a side of Adam I really enjoy seeing xD. I really love the writing in this particular story I really can't put it into words but to me the way you write Adam's pov is touching. <3

Also, may I ask if this is a 'verse/series, a WIP, or something else? I want to tag this correctly on my delicious but I wasn't sure what to label it because I thought it was a oneshot when you first posted it *g*.

WIP I guess? I was just snippeting up until this part, so I didn't think about it. I hear you on delicious tagging; I'm superanal about it.

Thanks very much!

Another fab chapter. I adore this :-)

is it weird that i'm actually kind of liking jared from what you've written here? maybe not his hair, hahaha, but i dunno, he's intriguing and i can see how kris would actually be a good influence/energy to have around him, considering what he's had to deal with in his life.

so, yeah, i definitely wouldn't be adverse to reading more of jared even though i honestly kept thinking of jared padalecki and had to mentally chastise myself so many times. besides, a+ taste in guys (can't fault him there), and i like that certain side he's bringing out in adam (who, in this, is just amazing. i love your voice for both adam and kris, but your adam especially).

oh, and kris totally does have flexible lines when it comes to friends. totally.

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He's kind of fun, honestly. He's douchey, but he has good taste in people to hit on. And kind of screwed up. As one is.

Thanks very much!

I love Adaaaaaaaaam. The note about Kris totally having a type pleases me greatly. Adam so clearly has a type and people talk about that all the time, but what about Kris? REE.

Do you carry a beacon or something?

LMAO. Yes, Kris's milkshake definitely brings all the boys to the yard. Jared - for all his douchetasticness - definitely has excellent taste.

I love your writing holy shit, and I really freaking love your Adam POV. It's such a treat to read your stories because you just nail it, every time. And I love seeing Kris from Adam's eyes, how Adam knows him so well, and his comfort and belief in the solidity of their relationship. Protective!Adam is UNFTASTIC.

*glee* Thank you very, very much!

I'm apparently reading AIRPS now... and this was goooood

Welcome to the glittery side! It is awesome and there is cake!

Thanks very, very much!

HAHA so i did NOT realize this was a WIP when i read the first two parts--I thought Awwww so good! Rocking the UST to the very end! and then Part Three appeared and just made it even BETTER. Is there a posting schedual i can set my life to? *purrs*

Thanks very much!

Um, no? I didn't really--expect it to go anywhere? And yet, there it went.

YESSSSS.... a new chapter!

have i mentioned of how much win is this series made of? Because it definitely is made of win!

Protective!Adam and semi-oblivious!Kris (or just very laid back!Kris) are very cute together, even when they're not actually interacting *sigh* please more?

akjdf;asfd jealous!Adam FTW \o/

also Jennnnnnn, I need more of the road trip "commentfic"! I am HANGING IN SUSPENSE. *pleads*

Yeah, it's not commentfic anymore, is it? I think my plausible deniability ran out. More soon! Hopefully in one large ending. God, I hope.

And thanks!

hmmm. this is starting to get really interesting. looking forward to further developments.

Absolutely *fascinating* dynamics.

SQUEEE! I absolutely love this. I thought the first one was amazing and I was thrilled when you wrote a followup, but this one...this one lives with me. I've read it like 9 times since last night.

Adam being all jealous and possessive and alpha and 'MINE, Bitch!' and casually (not creepily) calling Kris 'baby' to make his point pushes 90% of my can't-miss favorite buttons in AI fic.

Kris knowing exactly what he's doing and being totally bemused and fondly exhasperated and going along with it...that pushes the other 10%.

And now I'm gonna go read it again because OMG I love them!

Oooh, thank you, hon. *hugs you* I've been looking forward to writing this for a while.

"Yeah," Adam says, grinning back. "I really did."

I am grinning like a complete moron! That was so sweet and cute! I really really like this story!

Oh la la lovely! Love your writing... I went through a bunch of your stories this weekend--all great!

Thanks very much!

I want to propose to you right bow. You are monopolizing all of my fic reading time. Your stories are just vividly painted and real, your writing is absolutely stunning. This third part takes this story to a whole new level and I don't want to leave this world you created. I am patiently waiting for more.

*g* Thanks very, very much!

There's gonna be more, right? Because man, I gotta tell you, I absolutely love your style. I could read this for hours and not get bored. The characterization is pitch-perfect and just the way you tie words together is amazing.

Yes! I think so! More is written, but I'm not, for once, writing in order, so I have to post as I get it chronologically. Thank you!


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