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I would totally have made the connection to BANG even if you hadn't mentioned it. But the fact that you mentioned it is the reason I read this, so I actually wouldn't have recognized it, because I wouldn't have read this. Are you confused yet?

Very. But it's also four and I'm doing live router repair, so it could be just me.

I love this so much.


Oh BANG, your influence rings so clearly and hilariously. I loved Adam's POV in this, especially with the text to his publicist and then promptly turned off his cell just to torture her.


from the very beginning of the 4th paragraph, I totally got Bang</>ish vibes. this was fun; made me grin and wish for a bit more


I can't keep up a homage that long; God knows where I would have ended up, so I stopped it short. But it was relaxing.

Kris will accidentally answer and that's a set of headlines to make coffee superfluous come morning


I glee-faced throughout this whole thing, I love it.

There just are no good answers you can make, I think, in that position.


".....he looks at them in disapproval and seething jealousy. Adam wishes he weren't the kind of person who felt much more cheerful seeing that, but whatever, he is."

one of the reasons i love adam! and i love this!

Great story!! I actually was wondering when you plan to post the Star Trek reboot story that you mention that took you a few months to write? Anyway thanks so much for sharing!!


If all proceeds as it should, the first week in February. It's about 110K words, so editing is going to take some time.

[weeps with laughter]

The publicist crying over her keyboard is what broke me. That's where I had to actually put the laptop aside and flop backwards on the bed and cackle until I couldn't see anymore, because OF COURSE Adam would do that, the fucker.

This was just--gorgeous. Perfect. Awesome.

*grins* Thanks very much!

okay because I keep reading these things because I'm retarded who the fuck is this Kris person? I know who Adam Lambert is and I like his ability to orgasm glitter or whatever but is this other person pretty?

:D I love Bang and I'm so happy to see it in another incarnation. Excellent work!
Also: I had no idea "airps" meant american idol until now, I thought it was something the do with the air force or something like that.

Thank you! *g* I love that story.

I am amused by Kris in John's place. OF COURSE he is that oblivious!

*g* Thank you! I just don't think most straight guys--or probably most guys, period--would recognize that line of questioning very fast. Or at all, really.

Oh, this is good - I love how Adam handles it all so matter-of-factly and ignores all the subtext.

Hahahaha! I love Oblivious!Kris. Awesome.

(And yes, it is like Bang, but this one also has that extra little something that makes these guys sweeter than John and Rodney.)

aha I love clueless Kris. *hearts a million*

I love this, i love clueless kris.

Awwwwww. This may be the final shove that gets me into bandom. But they're just so adorable.


Thanks very much!

1. LOL at this story :)

2. Oh Bang, SGA, how I'm scorned you of late!

3. You writing Kradam makes my heart glad, jsyk

lol, Bang is one of my favourite fics ever. It's hilarious.
And I totally would have made the connection. I mean, there's less sliding doors, but domestic abuse is such a great comic relief you know ;)
hehe, I loved this story.

Hee! Bang is one of my favorite fics every so I totally would have gotten this. I love Kris complete bewilderment here.

Sadly as an extremely clumsy person, I've totally been on the other end of this from teachers at school when I was a kid to doctors delicately questioning me. And the thing is, my mother's reaction to the idea that she beat her kids would have been enough to convince them that she beat her kids.

*grins* Thanks so much!

And ouch!



*grins* Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I want to say all kinds of really intelligent, meaningful things, but... Kradam! SG:A! *SQUEEEEEEE!!* I'm a total McShep shipper, and obv. I LUH Kradam, so I'm kind of in heaven right now. <3

AWESOME fic; hysterical & just... <3 <3 <3 *SMOOCH!*

*grins* Thanks very much!

LOVE. So so so much! *draws hearts all around*


Rereading your awesome. -flails sleepily-

Sweet and hilarious. Thank you <333


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