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just wait til Danny gets home. I have to go to bed, so I assign you to hold her hand.



(I saw astolat in the ontd_ai thread, but by now she may have exploded from GUH.)

Alas, it's already been pulled.

Grabbed, thanks!

He's adorable.

I'm wondering who wrote this song, because it sounds as if it is something that would have come off one of Pinks' cd's.

Or maybe I only associate lush orchestras and anger with her.

Any way, I like.

Good call, Pink co-wrote it! With someone I can't remember.

I would LOVE for a Pink and Adam duet. It would kill with the awesome.

Max Martin!

PS - I'm revoking your stan card.

I am not a stan: I am too lazy to be a stan!

p.s. I went to a huge Asian grocery in Virginia today on the way home from the Air and Space Museum, and in the 45 minutes I was there I heard both Adam's Whadya Want From Me and Kris's Live Like We're Dying!

*raises hand*
I am confused. I remember seeing this clip around the middle of December. Was it leaked or weren't they unsure about saying that this was the official clip?

You and me both. I'm not sure, tbh.

I'm sure if I follow your journal long enough I will be enlightened ;D

So I watched, and I flailed. And I went to ontd_ai to have a look at the blow by blow breakdown of each frame.

I figured surely someone has gifs and a lipreading analysis of all the angry scenes. And there must be careful graphic analysis of the pictures, yes? And discussion of the symbolism in the fake apartment. Well, harrumph! Pages and pages of hilarious squee.

Well, okay, there are several debates about the hands of packing, and there is this scholarly photo analysis, and I believe there was speculation about the multitude of guitars.

But no one mentioned the bookcase. How in apartment with no food and barely any chairs (and not even a rug to tie the room together), he has this fucking massive, big black bookcase. With books in it. And magazines. And they aren't all lined up neatly. No, someone took some time into making it look like a bookcase in use. It stood out, okay?

What the hell is that picture? When it's up on HD, I'm going to be zooming to figure that out. *sniffs*

It's up properly now, too, on uhhh MTV or something. No watermark! Which means I have to remake my icon, dammit.

Video was <3 I babbled incoherently for 20min.


It'll be up Jan 26th, please excuse while I shriek over the Vevo commercial for another hour



How can he even be REAL? He is beautiful in every way I can think of.

I knowwwww, right? I was in AIM chat at the time and nearly keyboardsmashed my way into crashing my computer when that video leaked.

How can one person be so PRETTY?!!

God, I know. He's insanepretty. I just stop to stare.

Also, because Kradam makes me happy, I have decided that the 10 (yes, count'm, TEN!) guitars in this relatively bare apartment are because Adam's secret boyfriend is one Kristopher Neil Allen. And considering that neither Adam nor his band play acoustic, I don't think this is an unreasonable conclusion. ;D

This video is like a pining fanfic come to life!

He's just so pretty. I have trouble believing he's real.

It is so freaking awesome, dude. He is so beautiful! And sadfaced emo! The camera is his boyfriend! Although I am doubtful about the setting... It seems unlikely that Adam Lambert would live in a minimalist grey flat containing ZERO kitsch/awesome framed posters but a GIANT BOOKSHELF full of books. Uh, no.

Being a Lambert fan is so rad, no lie. I find myself sickeningly overinfluenced by him, like a 13 year old. I bought silver, pointed dress shoes today to look like him. Is this how product placement works? *horrified*

Yes. Yes it is.

It seems unlikely that Adam Lambert would live in a minimalist grey flat containing ZERO kitsch/awesome framed posters but a GIANT BOOKSHELF full of books. Uh, no.

It's his flat of emo. When you cannot even glitter, man, you go to the grayscale side of the force and clutch guitars you can't play and think about your angst.

Okay, stupid, I just cracked myself up imagining a flat of emo. Thank you. *falling over and dying softly*

Have you ever read any of his myspace emo poetry? I've only read a little bit, but it makes EXCELLENT macros. "A crow moans in horny recovery" -- I basically choked laughing at this.

He'c clearly not reached rock-bottom yet though. I mean, he's still wearing eyeliner. When you don't bother with eyeliner, you know it's gotta be bad.

Minimalist accessories in the flat of emo, yeah. Nailpolish too!

"A crow moans in horny recovery"

*beating the floor and dying*

I'm certain his beautiful poetry remains somewhere in the depths of ontd_ai if you want to experience it full-on. Although some might not be able to cope with its genius.

If the nailpolish was chipped, that would be an illustration of TRUE SUFFERING. It would be so subtle. Oh art.

I might not survive. *wheezing*

Somewhere there's a macro of this plus a pic of Adam with his arm around two naked glittery dude.

Haha, a 30 second google search produced this:


The ink of night slow dances with muddled fire.

Jagged mountian tops in a breathy mauve peak out of vague camouflage.

A crow moans in horny recovery. Rubbing a last one out amid coconut ghosts and spiderwebs.

This alley cat block still a mystery to me.

On the roof. Seeking proof.

Re: Somewhere there's a macro of this plus a pic of Adam with his arm around two naked glittery dude

*gasping into the carpet beside cubicle*

"clutch guitars you can't play" has me dying with lolz. Thanks for that ;)

That's elite emo.

*still cackling hysterically, going to totes get fired*

You are making me hysterical at work. Am shaking silently trying to repress the snickering. Send help.

Or candy bars. Mmmmmm, Snickers....

OMG how is he so pretty and angsty and pretty and emo and PRETTY.

Also, I totes agree with the person above that Kris Allen is the secret boyfriend (why else have all the guitars??) but that also makes me sad b/c they're fighting! And Adam deserves to have a not-secret boyfriend! And maybe that's what they're fighting about? :(

Have you seen this?

It's utterly fantastic. The creator must have pulled every hip swivel Adam ever did. And the little finger wiggle at 0:45s... love!

I want you to know I really needed that in my life. You've like improved the whole quality.

*is delighted* I have watched that video a TRULY RIDICULOUS number of times since I found it :)

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