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Normally at 1AM, I'm kind of vaguely pissed off that I'm not asleep if I haven't been drinking. Tonight, I am happy to be awake and sober, because I really love your Adam, and the way that he knew he could get away with letting his friendships and relationships fall by the wayside, and yet this time making a conscious decision not to. I love the phrase "grand gesture lifestyle" when applied to the new outlook Adam has in regards to Kris, because that's exactly what he's taking up, and it's... fitting. Because if you're going to make an effort to rearrange your life for someone you forgot how much you loved, then it should be a grand gesture kind of lifestyle.

*grins* I thought it was appropriate. And something that would make sense, and he could do.

Thanks very, very much.

You are too good to us, bb. I am savoring every itty bitty bite of this. Yum.

Also? Brad is my favorite.

Thank you!

I imagine the conversations and laugh. A lot.

You = excellent. FOR REALS. \o/

You know, I wanted to point out a favorite part of this. I really did but then I would read a section and go "OH, this is the best part". Then I would read the next section and go "OH! Even better!" "OMG BRAD!" And so on. I am so glad you continued this. I could read it all day. You are too awesome.

Oh I loved this! I love the ending line too: see you soon. -Mostly because I sincerely hope we'll see a bit more of this soon too!
Thank you!

Thank you! I think so, maybe?

This is so many kinds of lovely and sweet. You get you don't have to take up a grand gesture lifestyle so I feel secure in your affections, right? I love your Adam so much, the way he thinks and feels, and he's just so adamant about all of this, I have so many hearts in my eyes. <3

I adore your Adam. And your Kris. And your Brad. And this story.

Yep, they're basically my favourite parts.

This story continues to be great. I hopefully look forward to more?

Thank you! And I hope so, yes.

Gah! You stop there? You dare deny me the pleasure of Adam actually figuring himself out...not to mention the image of the Rock God from Planet Fierce tackling sweet, secure in his Adam affection Kris over a cup of coffee? That one image is going to keep me distracted and preoccupied for every single tortuous second of work today.

Hmm...maybe I *should* be thanking you.

...aww, I like that image too! *purrs* Thank you very much!

Fuckin' brilliant. Just beautiful.

OMG this is so delightful. I love the way you write Adam and Kris's interaction. Also your banter is awesome. And I hope to god you have enough people on IM peer pressuring you into writing more in this verse, because I am not sure I will ever have enough.

Shine and Jamesinboots stare at me sadly when I do not have more?

Thanks very much!

Notes: Okay, so starandrea used this as the title for the bookmark to this on delicious, and who am I to change that? Also, I liked it a lot.

No lie, this is how my sister greeted me this morning: "Seperis gave you a shoutout on her LJ!"

I know people tell you this all the time, but one can never hear it too much: you are fabulous ♥ And your writing is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing it with the world :)

Also, I love this story!

You had the perfect title! IT WAS SO AWESOME.

(Titles are my waterloo? It's very stressful. I was very, very exciting.)

Thank you for the lovely feedback!

I believe I am enchanted by the idea of Brad and Kris as secret, snarky BFFs, united by their mutual goal of taking Adam Lambert down a peg with a well-timed bitch, please.

*giggles* That is an adorable image! Thank you!

One of the best written pieces of fic I've ever seen. Must find out what else you have written.

Thanks for the more, and now I want more more (if you know what I mean).

"I didn't know you talked to Brad," Adam says, deciding the point needs to be changed. "It's a professional Lambert groupie thing," Kris says absently, making another notation. "Secret society, vow of silence, that sort of thing. I'm not supposed to talk about it." Can I join? I could be a professional Adam groupie.

And Kris "You get you don't have to take up a grand gesture lifestyle so I feel secure in your affections, right? I feel pretty secure." This is perfect.

More more, please. I'm just saying...

Can I join? I could be a professional Adam groupie.

God do I wish we all could. *sighs*

Thank you very much!. Also, your icon! I keep meaning to tell you how adorable it is.

It's Adam. He's a hard one to make not cute!

Argh. I thought this was complete for some weird reason. Now I'm all off-balance!

Wonderful, wonderful, amazing, wonderful. Can't wait for more.

Aww, thank you! And sorry! I am just sort of snippeting? So I don't want to give the impressiono there's a plot to watch for or something.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Mmmkay, so you don't know me from a brick wall, but I got vicious food poisoning this week? And spent the first part of the week trying not to die on my bathroom floor. But then I had nothing left in my stomach but the lining, at which point I crawled into my bed with my laptop and a giant bottle of Gatorade and stumbled across your AI fic. Now, your particularly delightful talents as a fanfiction goddess got me into X-Men W/R shit like whoa a while back and *that* took over about three years of my life.

And then you start writing in this fandom for a show THAT I DON'T EVEN WATCH. I....don't know what to do with this. All I know is that I got food poisoning and now I'm addicted to Kris/Adam fic even though I know next to nothing about them and I'm trying to find the weird, metaphorical life lesson here that would make this make sense but I'm coming up with nothing.

Anyway, I love this. I love the voices and the banter and I don't know anything about these guys, but I like to think that, in real life, they are just as you write them, because the crush I have on them now is due to your writing. Please don't stop.

*winces* food poisoning? Ouch. I--had that once. I try to block the memories.

*glee* Thank you very, very much! They are beyond awesome.

I'm trying to find the weird, metaphorical life lesson here that would make this make sense but I'm coming up with nothing.

Yeah, I tried too when I started posting about the magical dog. I think the lesson is like "Whee!" with a side of "Shame is for the weak, man."

*hugs* I'm so glad you enjoyed this. And X-MEN? SERIOUSLY?

*butting in, sorry, to say* if you'd like to know more about them, i recommend a) buffyx's AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, WONDROUS, ETC Epic KRADAM Bromance Guide For Idiots. i knew pm nothing before a few friends starting gushing about them, either - didn't watch the show, anything, now i'm a complete stan bc of that primer, and b) bexless's Primer for People Who Want to Read Adam Lambert Fanfiction but Don't Want to Watch American Idol

*breathes thanks* I was looking for my links to give her and then didn't get a chance to come back and add them. Thank you.

YES!! *shakes a fist in the air* a second part!

It's just as glorious as the first one, more hopeful and hinting as things yet to come. I love your phrasing. it's so fitting for Adam's mind (in my mind if that makes any kind of sense).

Also? The Brad/Kris secret society? Made of win.

Thank you very much!

Sekrit society is very sekrit. Though I admit, I kind of boggle at the conversations they must have had.

sekrit society must be sekrit. An oh, to be the fly on that wall when they have sekrit meet-ups!

Yay!! Jen writing Kradam futurefic = my day is made!!

I love it except the part where I am so sad for Adam. Waiting for more...

i forget, sometimes, that in all your writing i love best, the thing that breaks me is the undercurrent.

happy happy happy to read more of this verse! the banter between them is exactly as i would imagine it to be if i ever got RL and fiction mixed up in my mind! noooo, that never happens to me!

btw, where's the sign up list for *hoping for more?*

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