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Don't think this exempts you from writing me my poem.


writing me my poem

Three guesses as to what I thought I read.


Re: Drive-by comment

I am more innocent than I thought.

*confused face; cough?*

Re: Drive-by comment

Er. Porn.


poern. nice. :D

Can't this count as like, blank verse?

....I could rhyme everything. *speculative*

*hugs back*

Oh goodness, I missed reading one of your Merlin fics, must dash.

I love that we get to see what went on behind each story you wrote, though I'm sorry you felt so disturbed by Tintagel, it was still excellent! I got stuck on Uther's characterization early on and never stopped to consider what Igraine was like, as a queen and expectant mother.

Oh, my issues with Tintagel are just--I keep thinking I could have doen so much more if I'd stopped to think about it. I still like reading it, but man, it could have been so much more complicated. THough admittedly, there would hve been more death.

Thank you very, very much, btw! I'm thrilled people enjoyed it.

Wow, you write a lot and I love your Merlin stories. Bravo you!

*throws confetti*

You always write nice descriptions of your fic too. My end of year list went: FIC DONE IN THESE FANDOMS AND WITH THESE PAIRINGS. BE GLAD I DON'T BLATHER ON.


Aww, thank you! *snugs*

I could go on forever what I love about Jim Kirk and his aimless, restless anger that Pike gave direction but not purpose, not until Nero, the Enterprise, and the fine and narrow line that separates doing the right thing because you're supposed to, and doing the right thing because that's the person you want to be and never knew you were or could be. And I love Spock for being so angry, and learning so young to repress if not control it, and in a lot of ways finding in Jim the externalized version of himself. He can be the voice of logical reason and calm if Jim is the one that can be the part of himself he can't express and remain who he is.

Yes. This. So freaking much. You've just consolidated quite nicely the very exact reason why I love both these tortured men and ST in general. You're writing just makes this love grow exponentially, cementing it forever within me. I can't wait to read your 2010 Year-end review so I can read your notes on The Sequel to end all Sequels.

It almost matches my love for your Kradam. Perhaps you could write more of both so I could prioritize my love for each?

(Hey, it was worth a shot!)

My War Games betas came back, so it will start editing as soon as I'm done consolidating the edits. So--probably either the last week in January or the first in February, I think?

*g* And the Kradam is still being written. I'm still finding my footing.

Thanks very much!

Who was reading this for me and why did you let me post it?



oh God I love you. *HAPPY*

(Deleted comment)
Aw, thanks so much for posting this. I love reading your thoughts on the fics I've already enjoyed and finding out how you think of them. It's so awesome that you've given each one it's place and another chance at the spotlight (my list was more like, you see this tag? Click on it. I wrote stuff this year. Go me!).

I may have to reread some of these :D

a pairing I knew should exist well before I knew about slash, fanfiction, or like, sex


(and that was a very long time ago for me...)

Oh that does it. I'm doomed. You also write Merlin fic???? Sigh.

I predict an UTTER lack of productivity (on my part) for the next day or two.

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