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I'm up and I'm not sure why I'm up, but clearly it's because you posted a snippet of a rebootfic. I love how you write Jim and Spock and their interactions, the way *Spock knows Jim*. I was consumed with wanting to know why and Jim had been so injured (loved the implications of the beginning: "Their missions have been quiet since then... Starfleet tenders its apologies with this unbroken silence, offering amends for the mistake it cannot yet bring itself to admit.") I loved how the crew anticipates and supports and protects and enables...

Definitely worth being up in the middle of the night!

(P.S. I hope life starts being less sulk-worth soon.)

That was very comforting. Loved how Spock took care of him.

Oh, glad to see that your WIP includes Merlin. I need more good Merlin fic.

Sorry about the puppy.

I like this. I like the way it's all about the moment. One moment in time that's theirs alone. I like the way Spock is restless (without, you know, being restless, because he's a Vulcan so how could he possibly be restless?) without Jim. I like the way he just waits for Chapel to stop trying to distract him.

And I like the way you didn't explain everything. We don't know why Starfleet didn't insist he recover off ship. We don't know what could have happened that it would take that long to recover. And you know what, it doesn't matter. Because it's all about that moment. One moment of being in sync, of connection.

Nice. Very nice.

Thanks very, very much!

*quietly sulking* *PUPPY*.

I want puppies too. One of my friend's friends found a bag of puppies in a dumpster. :-( They are ok, and she's giving them out to people.

First off, sorry the MD is being a douchebag. Work enough around them to know the can be bastards sometimes. I really hope things get better with work and that you feel better.

Thanks for the snippet too. I am intrigued about what exactly caused Jim's injuries. Your brain is a wonderful thing!

*grins* Thank you very much!

<3 <3 fic.

*hugs you*

Um, I told you I started up the coup!fic again, right? The one that is making me do copious amounts of research on Roman Britain? RIGHT? I added several thousand words this weekend and a thousand yesterday. I WROTE THEM DURING LUNCH.

And the Star Trek fic continues to grow.


I want a kitten, so there.


Um, I told you I started up the coup!fic again, right? The one that is making me do copious amounts of research on Roman Britain? RIGHT? I added several thousand words this weekend and a thousand yesterday. I WROTE THEM DURING LUNCH.

Yay! You are still, y'know, sleeping right?

*blinks* Er, yes?

No, really, I am. *g* I just keep DREAMING ABOUT THIS STUFF.

This piece fills a little hole that I did not know existed before I read it. The way you take the moment, the way you stage the fragmentary aspect of that moment and then suggested the beauty that exists despite that which our perception misses, despite that which goes beyond us which is either filled with silence or noise - it is incredibly poetic. I don't know if I am making sense, but there lies an amazing power of suggestion behind the written lines.

And yet that power exists because each sentence had weight. Each sentence was beautiful, unexpected. Reading I had the feeling as if time had slowed. I shall be coming back to this piece often - thank you for sharing it.

Thanks very, very much. That was lovely.

Awww. Spock has a puppy, even if you don't. *ducks flying objects*

I'm going to the Pecan Street Festival this weekend. Want to come along? (More retail therapy!)

Sadly, no, I am penniless until after the first. Is it already time for the festival? Gah. Dammit.

Why can you not find a good puppy? What do these shelters want, a personal history and certificate of sanity? Have you looked along the sides of the road? That's where most of mine come from.

Very good snippet; quiet and comforting. I very much like that Jim doesn't want silence; he wants that physical connection with his ship, alive under his fingergips - and he shares this with Spock.

No, they just have no dogs under the sizes of Large or Gigantic, and no puppies available. It's very--irritating.

Thank you!

Have you tried the newspapers classified sections? There's almost always something there.

I love the end! And I love that Spock's logic sometimes allows for bending the rules.

Beautiful. I love how you convey so much with so few words--hinting at what has happened to Kirk without needing to make it explicit, showing us how much the crew care for him by their careful conspiracy of not noticing his escape from sickbay, and Spock's understanding as well as fierce protectiveness.

Thanks very, very much!

Is Kirk blind, in that story? Insisting on a full 180 of windows he can't see through seems strangely his style. It would explain why he gets minders and why even seeing him in the hall is worth phoning ahead and waking up friends.

Huh. No, but you're right, that would definitely be his style.

Brief backstory: he's been in isolation on the ship for a while.

*shifty* How's your breathing?

*wide eyes* I cannot be a concerned friend? *warms up stethoscope*

You and your waterbug made me actually tear up a little bit. [sniffles]

[hugs you TIGHT]

And you posted this! I love this snippet, the tantalizingness of it, the sweetness, the hidden darkness waiting. I can't wait to read more!

My waterbug and I are tight. You konw, when he doesn't run in fear.

Thanks, chica. *hugs*

Ah, lovely snippet. I really do feel as if Jim and Spock are your characters - you write them as if you created them.

Lovely snippet. I love how Spock indulges Kirk, Kirk complains about Spock's quarters being nicer, and Chapel spilling the beans about the still. Too cute!

Keeping my fingers crossed that life becomes less suck worthy.

as usual, I "want" more of this in the same way that I want air

Aww, thankyou! Trying!

I've had this tab open all week and finally found myself in Trek headspace today. This is wonderful. I love how dark and close and *mechanical* the ship is here. (I wonder how well the air filtration works at getting the stench of fires, explosions, sweat funk, etc. out of the air. It's probably pretty good, but maybe not perfect?) But Spock giving Jim safe harbor in his own bed is *lovely*.

Thank you very, very much!

I wonder how well the air filtration works at getting the stench of fires, explosions, sweat funk, etc. out of the air. It's probably pretty good, but maybe not perfect?

You know< i've wondered about that.

I hadnt' read this until now, because I am silly like that - but it's beautiful. Wonderful writing, as always.

Thank you very much.


::Breath catches::

That's absolutely lovely

I hit post faster than my brain was working! I also wanted to say that I really loved the way you captured the quiet thrum here, both of the ship and between them. This snippet has an incredibly strong sense of just being in the moment and it really, really works for me. Beautiful.

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Thank you very, very much!

I came to your journal by way of a rec for Repeat Offender (which was excellent even though I didn't leave a review on it, sorry) and I realize I'm a couple of months late to the party on this one, but it absolutely took my breath away. The pacing and the deatles and the quiet vividness of it are amazing.

I agree with the poster above who thought Kirk might be blind, there was a minut that I thought he might be, and I figured it was caused by whatever had him couped up in sickbay. And once it occured to me, I also thought that it would totally be his style to want to go somewhere with so many windows, like he can feel the freedom of all that space, even if he's trapped not being able to see it.

Thanks very much!

I actually didn't think too hard about how he was injured? Temporary blindness and just recovering from injuries sounds--rather good, actually.

I loved the quietness of this fic, and the emotion I can feel behind it (especially because it is Spock's POV). Very lovely.

I like the... quiet feeling of it, if you know what I mean. It's like this story has to be read as a whisper, and not as a word, like it has to be found under the covers and then put back. I really liked it. It... settled my mood, and that was just what I needed.


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