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Depersonification of women, too.

I'm thinking of writing a post just about how scared I'm getting that if anything written by these yahoos sees daylight, it'll cause an increase in skeevy guys at cons just trying to get the fandom girls they've heard are oh so kinky, and about what the implications for college-age female fans openly in anime clubs or otherwise clearly A Fan to people on-campus will be if the scarier male students have heard someone else read a book that said Most Fan Women Have Rape Fantasies.

(And since at least one statement I've read from Ogas stated they were weeding out trick responses, that means they can weed out true responses that don't match Kinky Female Slasher Who Does Pot And Has Regular Rape Fantasies just as easily and no one would ever be able to know if the final data they worked with was the true response set.)

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