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"You're getting very good at cheating, Commander. I'll see you in a few hours. And take care of our ship." As they turn to leave, Spock hears the Captain tell Nurse Chapel, "Okay, this is why people like being captains. I was really starting to wonder. Think Bones woke up from that hypo yet?"

Well, shit. You just made my whole day. ^_^

Hypoing McCoy? Jim's been dreaming of the day. *G*


Okay, just... just for the record, I'm against spamming the same author with comments when you newly discover them and read everything they've ever written - really I am! I know that my recent actions in various journals has indicated otherwise, but I really don't usually comment on things unless they're FREAKING EPIC, and apparently there is a lot of ST fic that is freaking epic lately, but none of this is the point - and so I was going to wait until I had gotten through all four parts - or at least up until the most recent one - before I dropped my likely insanely long comment if the preface to this one is any indication, and I am just going to stop babbling now and just come out and say wow. I really like your fic.

... I'll say it again in a part or two, but the reason I am commenting on this one specifically is because I did not stop laughing, once, during the last scene. I WAS SERIOUSLY DYING THE ENTIRE TIME! I AM STILL DYING NOW. BECAUSE OMG, SO FREAKING FUNNY.

*coughs. shuts up and returns to reading*

Ack, sorry I didn't respond to this!

Thank you! *grins* Seriously, I loved writing the brig scene so much. I could even see Spock's indignant eyebrows replaced with terrified eyebrows when he realized Uhura was coming down to release him personally.

"'Captain's Log, today I found my childhood hero's son beating up some Starfleet cadets in a bar. It was awesome! Do you think he'd like me more if I gave him a starship?'"


To paraphrase Scotty -- I like this fic. It's exciting!

Ok, awesome story, and i love it, especially the fact that you use the word elucidate and that its so epic and i looove, love long stories.

but now i am going to be some kind of nitpicky, i've never actually commented on them before but its late and i had a venti about an hour ago, so here i go.

"If you would prefer a court marital, Captain--"

i am going to assume you meant 'court martial' perhaps, altho that is lulz to me anyway, and may have been some freudian slip?

sorry about the unwanted fixyness, and i hope you don't hate me for pointing it out.

*falls over*

*gets breath back* Fixing now. Thank you!

That's--God, that's hysterical.

That last line was pure genius!

You're building this up quite wonderfully ♥
I was highly entertained by Spock running charges against himself because no one else is familiar with the regulations. What a gem :D!

Spock makes me happy when he is anal-retentive. *g*

This is officially my favorite Trek reboot fic, and I'm only half way through. You are AWESOME! I realize it's not like you have a choice, but thank you so much for writing in this fandom. :D

Oh, my gosh. I was on the edge of my seat and now I'm chortling.
You rock.
*rushes to next part*

Excellent fic! Just read the whole think in one go and loved it! But tiny little thing that I have to point out (sorry but my brain will not let me sleep if I don't). If there is a injury between the knee and hip putting a tourniquet just above the knee will not help. It would have to be above the injury near the hip.

Thank you!

And I'll correct it when I start coding for the website. *facepalm* I should have double checked. Thanks for telling me!

"I need know you're going to make it out of here. That you'll be okay. This is when you cut your losses and get the hell out." <==== "I need TO know"?

Other than that, I love this. This is the second time I've plowed through this fic, and the last two sections killed me hard. (SPOCK ARRESTING HIMSELF FOR INSUBORDINATION.)

Thanks for writing this. *continues reading*

*giggles* Thanks very much!

And will fix that. Thanks for the correction!

This is So good! Why are Spock and Uhura broken up? What the hell is wrong with Kirk in Iowa??? I love the bits and pieces of missions and progress in the Spock/kirk situation. This is so well written!! You should totally make it a movie. I'd pay 10 bucks to see this in the theater :)

It may have been a mistake to encourage the Captain to better familiarize himself with regulations.

Classic. Just got re'cced this and am enjoying it very much.

You'll get there in the end

User gwenaterra referenced to your post from You'll get there in the end saying: [...] devoted to songs about rain. No, there is no rain in this story. I just noticed is all. Part 1 Part 2Part 3Part 4 [...]


-- We can't just sit her and watch
-- I will attempt hail the ship again.

Will leave a full comment at the end. Very good so far.

I can't decide which moment I love more: the bit where they're talking about the command course or the scene in the brig.

Or maybe it's this part:

The Enterprise is in orbit above them, waiting: Nyota Uhura can find a single harmonic dissonance in a corrupted message; Ensign Sulu can extrapolate a three dimensional position with a single incomplete sensor scan; Ensign Chekov can rebuild transporter patterns from a single buffer file; Dr. McCoy can restart a heart that's stopped, compensate for a body that's lost too much blood.

Shifting Jim's weight, Spock thinks, quite logically, that after ten missions, four separate incidents with the Romulan High Command, two unfortunate experiences with alien flora, and Sulu allowing Jim to pilot the Enterprise through an unstable asteroid belt, this cannot be the place where James Kirk will die. It is not logical. They merely need time, and that, Spock can provide. "I believe that this is when we cheat."

I just discovered this fic and I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry! Mostly, I'm laughing. And do you have ANY idea at all how painful that is when one has bronchitis? *snorfle* This is SO worth the aching ribs, I gotta tell you. You seriously are channeling Kirk here. And it's awesome.


The growing sense, from the smallest details, of what is happening between them is strikingly vivid. This is like a book in 12 words:
    "Weird," he murmurs, looking at Spock from under his lashes. "It burns."

Sniggerdy giggle! Oh, this? This is the kind of analysis I want to give at work! And then for it to be true! ::is filled with glee::
    "Are you telling me it's more likely that the universe will end than we can get across the border undetected?"

There is just nothing about this that is not glorious fun:

    "Admit it; you like kicking my ass all over the room. It's cathartic."
    Spock will admit to no such thing.

    You remember when you tried to take over the ship by virtue of driving me insane?

    "You are adequate, but you still require practice," he says mildly. "You will not find me as easy as T'Prina."

And this. Oh, this... The quiet truth of them that surfaces as rarely as lava and which is equally critical to the fundamental rotation necessary for existence.
    "I need know you're going to make it out of here. That you'll be okay. This is when you cut your losses and get the hell out."

    Spock would ask for the same assurance, but he suspects Jim would refuse to give it; he will not reciprocate what will not be offered.

Oh, oh, oh, but I have me a kink for this kind of bludgeoning with military regulation! Also? Uhura!!!
    "That would be you. How serendipitous, don't you agree, Lieutenant? Release Spock and clear all charges and dump the entire--whatever that was he was doing. You have my gratitude. I'm dismissing Mr. Evans from brig duty, so Spock'll be alone when you get down here. Take as long as you like."

    "Yes, sir," Lieutenant Uhura says with inappropriate enthusiasm. "Thank you, sir."

    "Kirk out."

    It may have been a mistake to encourage the Captain to better familiarize himself with regulations.

::dances and twirls::
    Okay, this is why people like being captains. I was really starting to wonder.

Oh lordy! You left me laughing again. And that's after you left me reeling from the tense away mission with Kirk bleeding out. God! You've got this Kirk and Spock down so well. I'm loving this story so much.

This is the fourth time I am reading this as well as War Games. Each time it just get's better, doesn't matter that I know how it's gonna end. I have read all of your Merlin fic and adored your writing to the point that I decided to read your Trek (Reboot) fics, after years of resisting reading Trek fics. I fear you may have spoiled me for the fandom cause I seriously can't imagine finding anything nearly this good from anyone else.

Okay. I dislike spamming the author with comments on every single chapter with long, epic fics like this one, but I just... please. When I have children, please oh please have my firstborn.

I'll try to refrain from commenting and hyperventilating too much over how fabulous this story is until I finish reading everything, sequel included.

hahahahaha he hypoed bones rofl

He got McCoy with a hypo? Sensational!

This is a wonderful story, and I'm loving the interplay between Kirk and Spock.

My favourite:

"Better than sitting here watching me bleed out. And I have a plan."

Spock stills. "Please elucidate."

"You survive." Jim's smile is gone. "That's the plan."


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