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OMG Romance novels. My mother bought one on a trip once (she normally doesn't read them either) and I think in the light of things you have mentioned it might actually have been one of the more respectable ones, but to this day mentions of cat racing make us crack up. (Yes I said cat racing, deal, they even had a cat whisperer!)

Also I totally learned about the penis/vagina thing when I was 8 or 9 (we also had sex ed in 4th grade, so I would have known by 10 at the latest) so I was ahead of you there.

When I was 13 I read my mother's Ayla books (the sex at the end of the second one get reread repeatedly, yes, why do you ask?) and then her Outlander books. The third one of those was actually the first book I read in English (the last Ayla one I'd still bought the German version for), because she only had the first two in German. I think I managed to get the gist of it, but there were still passages I only understood in context.

I think after that was when I started in on my Star Wars reading.

The Wild Baron and the one about his friend with the crazy architecture!


I think we might actually be talking about different books as I don't remember any crazy architecture. It does sound awesome though!

The cat races, the baron and his cat, and his best friend who was there thorugh the entire thing with teh Grail?

I don't rember much about the book, but the cat racing was only in the first chapter. Which made the whole thing even more random. Show the heroine having a day of fun with her family and instead of a picknick or so we get CAT RACING. After that it was pretty straightforward marries dark brooding guy with a secret and a title. Some stuff about affairs that his mother had stuff happens and she realizes she's in love with him.

The book you're talking about sounds much more awesome!

hahahaha, yeah, I read the Ayla books when I was ... eight, I think? Definitely learned a lot from those books that I probably wasn't supposed to be learning. Mostly, though, I just wanted to hunt with a sling and have a pet wolf.

Heh, yeah, I knew about the mechanics in a theoretical way, but I think those were the first books I ever read that didn't fade to black. As in PORN!! I think those books aren't the worst way to learn about sex. (Though looking back on it Auel's obsession with Jondalar's massive cock is kind of scary.)

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