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Spock and his temper have a stronger bonding experience due to (speculative) Vulcan xenophobia getting a kick in the ass at the appearance of Romulans thirty years too early and probably only a few years after his birth. Instead of just being a hybrid with a (lesser) human mother, he's a hybrid who is the son of a traitor to racial purity. That's two very, very different mindsets.

Thank you so much for clarifying this for me. I knew that this Spock was different (how could you miss it, really?), but I couldn't figure out why. His parents were the same, after all; it's not like he was raised by a step-parent. But yes, the early introduction of the Romulans is like "Balance of Terror" on steroids, twenty years early.

There wasn't a logical reason at that point to bring up George Kirk at all in an argument regarding whether or not the simulation was a cheat; George Kirk had no bearing on whether or not something was wrong with the test. It was a direct hit on James Kirk to derail the argument away from "The test is a cheat and here is why" and to "James Kirk is a hothead and does shit like this; see how emotional he is? He can't be trusted. Get rid of him. And live long and prosper, fucker."

I was actually shocked when Spock brought up George Kirk in that scene. It was... really below the belt, and my first inkling that this Spock really was very different from what I was used to. As you pointed out, I love that Kirk used the same strategy later in the film; the "You of all people" was also an unsettling echo of the Vulcan Science Academy's "with your disadvantages..." While the Vulcan board probably had no idea they were being so insulting (or thought they were being complimentary), Spock took the tactic knowing exactly what he was doing. It was getting personal, and it was bullying, and so coming from SPOCK (or my then-conception of who Spock was), it was really unsettling.

It's like they were looking all their lives for the one person they can't break, and lookie here, there you go. Jim Kirk, who doesn't know how to lose, and Spock, who burns down the village and salts the earth when he goes to war.

Oh, god. I like to think of the higher-ups in Starfleet pretty much pleased as punch with Spock v. Kirk in the courtroom, because these two square pegs that they didn't know what to do with and couldn't quite control (because one was a loose cannon who didn't follow regulations and pushed his way into and through any situation and the other was a cool bundle of super-competent unflappability who was smarter than anyone else in the room and who would mow you down and leave you in little pieces all the while following the rules to the letter) were occupied with each other. And then I like to think of those same higher ups looking at these two square pegs suddenly and unexpectedly completely united, shoulder-to-shoulder and walking IN SYNC, and thinking, "Oh. Shit."

McCoy and Uhura are going to bond, I can feel it.

Oh, I so want McCoy-Uhura fic now.

I... anonymously agree. Spock-and-Kirk, Kirk-and-Spock kicking ass on a united front.

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