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I can't help but think this is a Federation with a bend less toward peace than war. It feels like it from the start; the personalities of Kirk and Spock are retooled for wartime.

Anywya, I think a LOT of the field promotions Starfleet would have let stand, because they simply need WARM BODIES to crew ships, and Enterprise was the only ship without a crew. And we've no ieda what the elapsed time was between the destruction of the Narada, and Kirk's commissioning ceremony. I guessed weeks, but it could have been months.

This. I mean, they could have transferred in people from the Laurentian ships, but if those are seasoned officers in a semi-warzone, you don't. You put the cadets on the less-dangerous ships to learn their jobs and then send them out to be warriors. It would neatly take care of getting experienced crew for those kinds of ships without getting too many cadets killed.

Well, leaving out excursions to Vulcan, anyway.

Butting in to say that I also made the assumption that it's not the first time that these cadets have been on a starship- just because they're in their third year as cadets doesn't mean that cadet training doesn't require some kind of rotation on an actual ship. I don't think that "four years at the Academy" can necessarily mean four years spent PHYSICALLY at the Academy.

That's the conclusion I came to too, eventually. Because, really, you need somebody on the crew to have ship experience, and they were mostly all cadets.

Actually, there were only 4 cadets on the bridge--and Kirk adn Uhura were given their bridge assignments by Pike once the crisis started. Tehre were still loads of other folks like Hawkins and the blonde chick who was "MINIMUM SAFE DISTANCE PLS!" and it is only one duty shift out of 4. But my in-story explanation is that Enterprise being the only ship sent to Vulcan with no crew meant it was staffed almost entirely by cadets.

And it's not unheard of. In fact, it takes the scenario directly from Star Trek II, which is also a cadet crew on a shakedown cruise.

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