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it's like the weirdest blindspot
children of dune - leto 1
No, really, every damn month.

My perpetual surprise, let me show you it. Plz to be adding needs excessive sleep and involves excessive insomnia and excessive levels of irritation with humanity.

So how is everyone else's day?

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F*cking air! It's everywhere. It's *touching* me *right now*!!!

This. I was hostile to food yesterday.


(Yes. Me too.)

Perpetual. Surprise. *moody*

The fact that fen can manage to sychronise over the internet is faintly terrifying. I mean, okay, I'm actually only halfway through the fucker but. Yes.

My day was fine until I started beating my head against my recalcitrant computer equipment and, let me just say, I hate this fucking keyboard. Who the fuck makes a full size desktop keyboard in laptop size, ffs. It feels like typing in SAND, too, which I hate. It's worse than your usual membrane keyboards, I mean, I can tolerate some membrane keyboards. This one just makes me want to slaughter worlds. (Also my external hard drive continues to fucking fail, oh joy. I am looking at my checking account contemplatively and debating whether I can afford a new one. The state tax refund hit but we're going to need much of that for rent. On the other hand, I have a bit of money stockpiled against summer. *contemplates*)

*pets* I feel your keyboard pain. My problem with them is, I have three completely different types I use regularly, so my fingers are in a perpetual state of confusion.

I usually only have two? Laptop and desktop keyboard. I actually hate almost all keyboards, I just hate some less than others. The only keyboards I *like* are micro-switch and they are expensive and also do not come in wifi. I'm bitter about that last and keep considering methods of jury-rigging said.

Wifi is, sadly, kind of non-optional for me because otherwise my wrists will rise up in rebellion and strangle me in my sleep. My wrists don't like me very much.

I have my laptop, my work one, and my mother's hideous gaming one that always puts my fingers off to the right by one key. Every. Damn. Time. I can't even explain it, but my hands hate that damn thing. Razr something.


Wifi's are awesome.

The fact that fen can manage to sychronise over the internet is faintly terrifying. I mean, okay, I'm actually only halfway through the fucker but. Yes.

Yes, this. I have noticed this before, and it is faintly terrifying and kind of hysterical.

so god, yes - lots of fun, with bonus surprise!

I began cramping on the drive to work, and thought "I wonder ..." then dismissed it. of course my period started midmorning - thankfully, because my cycle's become extremely erratic over the past couple years, and I have no way to predict, so it's *always* a surprise, I keep supplies handy at all times, so that wasn't the concern.

but I haven't killed anyone with the power of my brane yet, so all told it could be worse

but I haven't killed anyone with the power of my brane yet, so all told it could be worse

Hives with the brain would be okay, right?

hives, and other minor/temporary afflictions, are perfectly fine and completely understandable. go for it!!!

I am working on it. *grim determination*

I have been off caffeine for...over three weeks now and am insistent that gatorade breaks up what can be monotonous water consumption. Seriously, my mother and I were in the store last night and I said 'red AND purple flavor G2 OMG?! And you know that jumped in my basket, along with an awesome salad.


Well, it's either that or an anecdote about trying not to do so much reading on the Vikings that I write another fic before I finish these other two.

I love G2. Regular Gatorade tastes watery to me, but the G2s are delicious. Red or orange, plz.

MMM. Yes. They did not have orange, which was sad, but purple is also pretty good. I mean, I LIKE WATER, it's just that sometimes I want something with...flavor..

I just read this and will henceforth be borrowing your 'blind spot' description because it is scarily accurate! Every month, without fail, I decide that the world is somehow conspiring against me and if anyone dares to suggest otherwise they just get a rant along the lines of WHY DO YOU TRIVIALISE MY PAIN? before I go back to scoffing biscuits, reading Merlin porn and crying at vaguely sad adverts and tv programmes. Men really don't know what they're missing..

Also, although this is totally the wrong post to mention this, thanks so much for reccing my Percy stories, I did wonder why I suddenly had a flurry of new comments and now I know, so thank you!! :)

I have to giggle a bit because, although I'm a week behind in my friends-list catchup, I remember skimming this entry last week and being amused at the synchronicity, being at that point on the second day of my own period and at the crimson tidal wave stage of events.

Though I have to add, no, I'm rarely actually surprised, and this despite having a flaky cycle that hits around the four-week mark for months at a time and then decides to add on some extra weeks here and there just to fuck with me. I actually do generally manage to make the mental connection between irascibility and crashing hormonal levels and check my tampon supplies in time.

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