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tintagel in pictures
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, I forgot to put up this link--and by forgot, I mean, lost the link, found it, then forgot it again--but here are the visuals I was using for Tintagel.

Tintagel Castle, Cornwall

The second picture is the cove and Merlin's cave. I can be literal when I say, that view is the reason that the story exists.

[Here is something you may not know about me; I'm not spatial, and I am not map oriented and pictures are really impossibly difficult for me to work with in my head; basically, to get a mental image, I have to have a.) have been there or somewhere similar or b.) have read something with a clear description. Option c.) it counts as me being there if the characters wander around it for a while and I can get a three dimensional image.]

Near the bottom of the page is a black and white with clearly labeled areas, in case you are like me and need lots of spatial references to places you haven't been. No, apparently these are not snatchable at all, which is why I didn't use them for illustration, and trust me, I was this close to offering some sort of sexual favor to anyone in the greater Cornwall area to go and take pictures for me so I could get a better feel for a place that does not exist only in my imagination. I mean, really close. I love that cove. Everyone should be relieved I didn't get desperate enough on Sunday night to hunt up a pencil and try to sketch the damn thing. I am not artistic and I am not spatial. It would have ended in tears.

Somewhere--and I cannot find it, but if you do, link me!--is a 360 walk-through of the entire place, which I could not find to be sure of my blocking of how Merlin and Arthur get from the village to the castle via the cove, but you know, fifteen hundred years ago. There's also the stone arch and an impression of the bailey at that site, though keep in mind that this particular Tintagel is the ruins of Richard of Cornwall's castle during the reign of Henry III, and not the actual ruins of the original Tintagel, which I totally believe exists and no one can tell me differently.

Also referenced: wikipedia. Is there nothing wikipedia does not know?

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*is totally amused by you researching quotes for names for the research obsessives support group*

And I did so without a shred of irony. ::hangs head:: Oh dear.

OOOOOOh, I love both, but lean a little bit toward the blind date thing, because lord knows, that covers both the sublime and ridiculous aspects of research, and possibly the helpless and slightly horrified "how did I get here?" aspect of groping researching one's subject.

Not_a_dilettante, for me, conjures up Eloise (from Eloise at the Plaza) standing defiantly on top of a stack of books, glasses askew, chin and tummy poked out.

::blinks:: Which would be an awesome mascot, actually.

Yeah, I'm no help.

perhaps a spot of market research?

perhaps a spot of market research?

Perhaps. Perhaps I could talk Jenn into putting up a poll, since her LJ is more widely read than mine...

*hint* *hint*
*pokes Jenn*

Also, since the stars aligned and angels sang in the heavens earlier (i.e., I got a surprise DW invite code so I could migrate over there), I've requested an invite code for the sole purpose of starting up this comm. *g*

*snickers* funny you should mention that, as I just did, too. I am still staring at the new journal with a faint sense of shock.

Oh nifty. Well, unless I get a surprise code (why do I feel like I need to buy cereal to do so?) I'll be seeing you on the 30th, then. Keep me posted?

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