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*is totally amused by you researching quotes for names for the research obsessives support group*

And I did so without a shred of irony. ::hangs head:: Oh dear.

OOOOOOh, I love both, but lean a little bit toward the blind date thing, because lord knows, that covers both the sublime and ridiculous aspects of research, and possibly the helpless and slightly horrified "how did I get here?" aspect of groping researching one's subject.

Not_a_dilettante, for me, conjures up Eloise (from Eloise at the Plaza) standing defiantly on top of a stack of books, glasses askew, chin and tummy poked out.

::blinks:: Which would be an awesome mascot, actually.

Yeah, I'm no help.

perhaps a spot of market research?

perhaps a spot of market research?

Perhaps. Perhaps I could talk Jenn into putting up a poll, since her LJ is more widely read than mine...

*hint* *hint*
*pokes Jenn*

Also, since the stars aligned and angels sang in the heavens earlier (i.e., I got a surprise DW invite code so I could migrate over there), I've requested an invite code for the sole purpose of starting up this comm. *g*

*snickers* funny you should mention that, as I just did, too. I am still staring at the new journal with a faint sense of shock.

Oh nifty. Well, unless I get a surprise code (why do I feel like I need to buy cereal to do so?) I'll be seeing you on the 30th, then. Keep me posted?

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