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Do you have connections who can rustle up a DW invite code? If not, I'm planning to get a seed account for myself at the end of the month and that should come with a code or two....

I do not have a "research" icon. Huh. I should fix that.

Probably? I'm just neurotic about asking for anything in fandom but for betas, so I've been, um, not noticing very selectively who does and doesn't have one. My weird issues, let me show you them.

I am getting a seed account too, though. *purrs at that*

Okay, so that's not just me, then? And I even have trouble asking for betas, well, most of the time.

...for Tintagel, the only person I felt comfortable and not intrusive asking for a beta is out of the country and I could not, could not make myself post asking. Heck, over half my SGA fic doesn't have a beta--I can't tell if I'm imposing or they're doing it to be nice or you know.

Sad, but true.

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