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tintagel in pictures
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, I forgot to put up this link--and by forgot, I mean, lost the link, found it, then forgot it again--but here are the visuals I was using for Tintagel.

Tintagel Castle, Cornwall

The second picture is the cove and Merlin's cave. I can be literal when I say, that view is the reason that the story exists.

[Here is something you may not know about me; I'm not spatial, and I am not map oriented and pictures are really impossibly difficult for me to work with in my head; basically, to get a mental image, I have to have a.) have been there or somewhere similar or b.) have read something with a clear description. Option c.) it counts as me being there if the characters wander around it for a while and I can get a three dimensional image.]

Near the bottom of the page is a black and white with clearly labeled areas, in case you are like me and need lots of spatial references to places you haven't been. No, apparently these are not snatchable at all, which is why I didn't use them for illustration, and trust me, I was this close to offering some sort of sexual favor to anyone in the greater Cornwall area to go and take pictures for me so I could get a better feel for a place that does not exist only in my imagination. I mean, really close. I love that cove. Everyone should be relieved I didn't get desperate enough on Sunday night to hunt up a pencil and try to sketch the damn thing. I am not artistic and I am not spatial. It would have ended in tears.

Somewhere--and I cannot find it, but if you do, link me!--is a 360 walk-through of the entire place, which I could not find to be sure of my blocking of how Merlin and Arthur get from the village to the castle via the cove, but you know, fifteen hundred years ago. There's also the stone arch and an impression of the bailey at that site, though keep in mind that this particular Tintagel is the ruins of Richard of Cornwall's castle during the reign of Henry III, and not the actual ruins of the original Tintagel, which I totally believe exists and no one can tell me differently.

Also referenced: wikipedia. Is there nothing wikipedia does not know?

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You rock so much. You doooooo.

That cove is just too pretty. I was helpless before Merlin's cave, and I don't even mean it as a euphemism for a man-womb!

...I also wish I hadn't thought of that while writing this. Suddenly, ita makes me afraid.


Look at the pretty water, hon. Look at the pretty sun on the water and think about the boys drifting off to sleep. ::hums:: Everything will be allllll right.

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does stuff like this.

*totally was not looking up linguistic information on Irish English syntax nor nightclubs in Oise, France last night - honest*

I totally did not google Cornish endearments all of Saturday night.

*bites lip*

OH! You are the only other person in the world who will care about this. Did you notice that the Delicious add-on for Firefox 3.x has been fixed so it no longer randomizes the tags you enter, but keeps them in the order you entered them in? I have been gleeful for days.


Oh thank God. I am so. tired. of having to tag with fandom only then open up the main page to add the rest of the tags.


I once, for a story that just mentioned Devon, did two days of research on the Devonshire dialect and listened to hours of native speakers. Never made it into the story.

I did have a terrible craving for a full cream tea, though, and the next time at the grocery store, held a jar of clotted cream in my hand and muttered, "won't be the same, won't, won't," until I could put it down.

We need a support group for this kind of thing. Maybe a comm, over on DW once it's in open beta (or once someone gets an extra invite code)? I'd totally co-mod it.

Jenn? *g*

And the naaaaame? I dunno. But I have rustled up some quotes!

"What is research, but a blind date with knowledge."
-- William Henry

"Research is the process of going up alleys to see if they are blind."
-- Marston Bates

"Data is what distinguishes the dilettante from the artist."
-- George V. Higgins

*is totally amused by you researching quotes for names for the research obsessives support group*

DW has 25-character names, I think. We could probably do blind_date_with_knowledge. *g* Or not_a_dilettante?

*is totally amused by you researching quotes for names for the research obsessives support group*

And I did so without a shred of irony. ::hangs head:: Oh dear.

OOOOOOh, I love both, but lean a little bit toward the blind date thing, because lord knows, that covers both the sublime and ridiculous aspects of research, and possibly the helpless and slightly horrified "how did I get here?" aspect of groping researching one's subject.

Not_a_dilettante, for me, conjures up Eloise (from Eloise at the Plaza) standing defiantly on top of a stack of books, glasses askew, chin and tummy poked out.

::blinks:: Which would be an awesome mascot, actually.

Yeah, I'm no help.

perhaps a spot of market research?

perhaps a spot of market research?

Perhaps. Perhaps I could talk Jenn into putting up a poll, since her LJ is more widely read than mine...

*hint* *hint*
*pokes Jenn*

Also, since the stars aligned and angels sang in the heavens earlier (i.e., I got a surprise DW invite code so I could migrate over there), I've requested an invite code for the sole purpose of starting up this comm. *g*

*snickers* funny you should mention that, as I just did, too. I am still staring at the new journal with a faint sense of shock.

Oh nifty. Well, unless I get a surprise code (why do I feel like I need to buy cereal to do so?) I'll be seeing you on the 30th, then. Keep me posted?

OOh, I like support groups that also offer research!

Do you have connections who can rustle up a DW invite code? If not, I'm planning to get a seed account for myself at the end of the month and that should come with a code or two....

I do not have a "research" icon. Huh. I should fix that.

Probably? I'm just neurotic about asking for anything in fandom but for betas, so I've been, um, not noticing very selectively who does and doesn't have one. My weird issues, let me show you them.

I am getting a seed account too, though. *purrs at that*

Okay, so that's not just me, then? And I even have trouble asking for betas, well, most of the time.

...for Tintagel, the only person I felt comfortable and not intrusive asking for a beta is out of the country and I could not, could not make myself post asking. Heck, over half my SGA fic doesn't have a beta--I can't tell if I'm imposing or they're doing it to be nice or you know.

Sad, but true.

(Deleted comment)
Sigh, so pretty. You are totally making me want to read the fic again.

What I do when I need pictures or landmarks is go to google maps and type in the location, then to more and hit photos. I may also use terrain or satellite for further landmarks. I looked up Tintagel and at the end of the Castle lookout, you get a whole overhead viewpoint of the Castle plus all the little photos (there were tons) give you ideas of what it looks like from each location.

I've been to Tintagel but it was a long time ago. I only remember how wild it was and how the beach was so shingle rocky. The paths were slippery, too but it was green and full of sound.

Don't mean to spam but google maps also has video. This one wasn't too bad.

Heya - your post reminded me: I visited Tintagel in Cornwall three years ago (almost exactly - it was during Easter!).

Back then, it was more Stargate SG-1's use of the Athurian legends that made me climb all the way down and take a photo of Merlin's cave from inside and then wander around the tiny beach area outside of it trying to find the best angle to take a shot of the waterfall that exists there (there is no 'best angle' it's all impossible [sighs]).

Just thought you might like some extra photos =)

[headsmack] And by "best angle to take a shot of the waterfall that exists there" I meant of course, THIS image

And if you really want a picture of the arch and the impression of the baileys from the top of the cliff I'm fairly sure I have an image of that too. I went a little snap crazy in Cornwall (though I discovered my fear of heights, sheer drops and omg-there's-no-waist-high-fence-on-this-walk-way-I-can-see-all-the-way-down-gurgle phobia on that trip, so no pictures from the very top of the cliff).

...I would actually kind of die happy if you would. I'll credit the pictures to you, but seriously, when I htmlize this, I'd *love* to have visuals.

*eyes huge* Please? Email is seperis at gmail.

When I want to snatch unsnachtable pictures I use the print key to take an image of the screen and paste it into paint (comes with windows, so most people have it) and then cut out the part I want. It takes a bit of work, but it works almost always. (It doesn't for screencaps, I've actually found out that if you do this with a video player and then play the video again, you can also watch it in paint. It's really strange.)

The video in mspaint thing -- the background of the player is some exact color. (I think neon green?) Your video renderer simply pastes the video over any of that color on your display, so you screen capped that color then had it open when the renderer painted video over it.

Since I didn't have any trouble grabbing images from that site, maybe she means ethically unsnagable? I mean, you can get letters from the craziest people when they decide they don't want you nabbing their stuff.

Am I the only one who skimmed the Arthurian text on that page and concluded that I was reading someone's high school term paper?

Oh god. I do this sort of stuff all the time and I don't really even have a valid excuse. I don't write fic and I'm not an artist...
I just google shit.

To make matters worse, I've decided that next summer I'm taking a three month vacation to Europe, and I'm going to be as spontaneous as possible. So in preparation for that I've started wikipedia/google/lonely planet-ing everything under the friggin' sun pertaining to Europe so that I can go there and have some idea where I might want to go. I spent two hours googling the Scottish Highlands a few nights ago and then promptly decided I'm not even GOING TO SCOTLAND.

Plus I discovered recently that wikipedia has a random button. NOT GOOD. I END UP READING ABOUT SWEDISH ROYALTY FOR FOUR HOURS.

I really, really need to stop this. Is there a self-help book for things like this? Google mania or something?


Ohay, I was there last week and have photos wandering around Flickr if you want to know what it looks like now. (Windy.)

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