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Loving this!

*waits for rest*

God you're fast. I'm not even at the high point of my post-posting panic yet!

Thank you!

I'm several hours ahead of USA time right now, and I check lj constantly.

You know, I was going to go to sleep. SLEEP. God damn it, you are just way to good at this.

If it's any consolation, this one and the next one? Totally stole sleep too.


Your icon... It is the truth... My I snag so that I may spread this gospel? ^^

Of course! Just make sure to credit the maker, who I think I have listed in my icons page.

Oh my GOD. This is wonderful. *clicks next link with mad glee*

OH my GOD I already love this so very much! How do you DO that? Writing so perfectly? And to more parts! *happy sigh*

Haven't read the final version yet, but I want you to know I mis-read your note as thanking me for browbeating rather than prereading, and, well.. that seemed so accurate... ;), it *would* be more accurate that way, wouldn't it?

I do what I can. You know you love me.

*flails* Oh this. *runs to read the rest*

I should probably get on and read part 2 but I just wanted to stop and say how much i'm loving this already! I had a stressy day which cheered up rapidly when I spotted you'd posted a new story, i'm now armed with a glass of wine and am trying to read as slowly as possible so as to enjoy every second :)

Thank you! I am tempted to hunt up that last bottle my cousin brought. *mulls*

Ooooh, I love that opening scene. So well written :-D

Ohhh best ending line. *snicker*

Awwwwwww and I soo ocan't blame Arthur for being freaked out and pissed off for who he is being pawned off to as a potential husband.

Hmm and I am such a such a weak bitch but I wanted to scratch Morgana's eyes out when she told the story what Melisande did. I so did not find the prank funny at all.

But ohhhhhhh I absolutely love it how Merling is drooling over oblivious Arthur.


wow... brilliant! and hot and sweet! i loved how merlin was willing to be ruthless if it ment protecting arthur and how you were able to pass the idea of how that rumour was not only humilliating but it actually had very important consequences on arthur's life.

i loved everything!like i said: brilliant!

Thank you very, very much! The rumor thing surprised me--I didn't think, when I started, it would turn into such a huge plot point.

oh my! great work! really enjoy it very very much...

"How is it you sound less polite when using my title than my name?"



oh you are bloody brilliant!

Oboyoboyoboy! Hee hee!
(yes, I'm late to the party, still running my grubby fingers through your archives of awesomeness.)

"Well," Merlin says nervously, picking up the bottle and preparing the second spoon, "that would be because that's what I told them."

Snicker. I love your pacing in this.

*sporfle* This is made of win!

Here's a podbook version of Nny's podfic:

Archive Direct Link: right click and save as


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(Deleted comment)
so i have read this story and listened to the podfic several times and thought "this is really awesome. i hope the author knows that this is an incredibly well-told story with a believable canon AU background, a loveably slutty merlin, and just the right mix of snarkiness and hotness." then i realized i should probably just inform you of that. so, you are awesome, and this is awesome. this kind of story and writing really is fanfiction at its best.

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